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Ishq Subhan Allah 13th October 2024 Episode Written Update. Read Ishq Subhan Allah (13-10-2020) full episode written update.

Today’s Written Update: Ishq Subhan Allah 13th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Salna is stunned to watch that Zara doesn’t have the mark.

Salma screams that no this couldn’t happen. Irfan & Kabir come there.

Salma states she’s not our Zara however why couldn’t I accept it? Zara states as of now you really know I’m Nargis.

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Irfan states no our hearts really know that you’re Zara. Zara states afterwards what must I accomplish to make you believe that I’m not? Zeenat & Ruksaar come there. Zeenat states I’ve a way to locate out in case you’re Zara (or) not.

Ruksaar states she’s exactly like Zara. Zeenat requests her to put her hand on the Quran & assure that you aren’t Zara. Salma states this is the same Quran that I gifted Zara on her wedding.

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Ruksaar states yes, this Quran blessed her wedded personal life, she must assure on this Quran that she’s not cunning. Zara takes the Quran from Zeenat & sighs. she looks in all of them & puts her hand on it.

She states I assure on this Quran that I’m not Zara & Nargis. All are stunned. Kabir states you’re still cunning, just how could you lie on this Quran? you’re assuring a lie on it? He glares in her angrily however Zahida comes there & states she assured on the Quran.

She’s not your Zara & my Nargis. Kabir states you’ve made her a liar, you’ve ruined her. Zahida states you’re a sinner to enforce someone to lie on the Quran, I’ve made her Nargis from Zara.

Kabir states you’ve ruined her mind however our love going to bring her back.. it all turns out to be Kabir’s dream & Zara is still holding the Quran. Kabir imagines that I really know Zara wouldn’t lie within the Quran however I don’t trust that evil lady who’s wiped Zara’s teaching & made her learn music.

Zara puts her hand on the Quran & states I assure you on this Quran that I’m.. Kabir states no.. you don’t have to assure on it. Ruksaar states let her tell the fact. Kabir states I really know in case she’s Zara (or) Nargis.

Zara imagines I have been regarding assure within the Quran that I’m Zara however I got the other opportunity from Kabir. Salma states we really know for sure that she’s Zara.

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Kabir informs Ruksaar that we really know the fact so there is no want to assure within the Quran. Kabir requests Ruksaar & Zeenat why are they there? Zeenat shows some of the people with some of the items.

Ruksaar states we couldn’t come here however we took some of the mangoes that Ayesha habituated to send.

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We could put these mangoes in your room as that’s the ritual. You really know that I fulfill that ritual each yr., we’ll leave after speaking to you. Kabir states let me see these. Kabir checks some boxes & leaves the last box as he gets a call.

Imran calls Kabir & requests in case Zara agreed that she’s Zara? Kabir states not as of now, I couldn’t come for the meetings. Ruksaar is here so I couldn’t leave Zara alone. Imran states fine, I’ll take care of it.

Ruksaar informs Zeenat that I’ll make Zara accept that she’s Zara (or) not. Kabir comes there & states why did you both come here without telling? Ruksaar states I took some of the sweets as we’ll have a baby in 6 mos.

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Kabir states to Zeenat that you’re engaged in this too? We tell citizens after 3 mos & 3 days. He leaves from there. Ruksaar states as of now I need to really know who this lady is.

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