Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 19th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 19 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (19-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 19th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Kabir Informing Wow.

So Yo Identified The Fact, Fine Okay, Yes, It Has been All My Schedule. He Recalls Damaging The New Bag. He States No 1 Could Say That This Bag Isn’t Old.

He Maintains Some of the Books & Stationery. He Puts The Things In The Carton & Seals It. He States As of now When This Box Approached There With This Letter.

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Mum Going to Say That Post, Everybody Going to Believe Us. FB Ends. He States Yes Ridhima, I Have Performed Tough, That No 1 Knows It, However You All the time Come Between My Schedule, I M Sad, You Resided With Me For Yrs.

You Didn’t Know Me, You Don’t Really know The Volcano Hiding In Me, I Understood You Going to Approach Fact, So Shortly, Not Bad. She States I Got To Really know The Fact, I Going to Tell Everybody. He Scolds Her.

He States I Scheduled Everything From 1st Day, You Didn’t Question. She Requests What Did You Say. She Recalls Their own Love Moments. She Requests What, Has been That Love A Lie, You Performed A Game With Me.

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He States I Has been Helpless, My Mum Had To Leave Her Own Son & Give Her Love To Her Stepchildren, She Has been Doing It For My Future, However My Childhood Spoiled, I Resided Far away From Mum, Just how Could’t I Hate Vansh.

From Afterwards I Ruled To Snatch Everything From Vansh, I Going to Make My Place In His own Home, He Has been Strong, I Had To Make Him Weak, Afterwards I Met You, I Understood You Could Weaken Vansh, You Helped Me.

I Broke Vansh Because Of You, I Understood You Going to Happily Give Me Your Personal life For Love, I Respect You Supported My Mission, You Had come Here To Gain Evidence Over Vansh On My Informing, You Got Shera Also.

I Inquired You For A Sacrifice, You Did That Also, You Wedded Vansh, Wow, Love Must Be Such. Ridhima Requests Has been It A Lie, Did You Accomplish That Intentionally. He States Yes, All Those Assures Have been A Lie.

She States You Inquired Me To Gain Evidence Over Vansh So That You Frame Him In A Fraud Complaint. He States Yes, I Informed You That Vansh Died Neha, She Has been The 1st Martyr Of My Post, I Miss You Neha.

I Had Made You Approach Demise Too, Remember, What Did You Think, That Bullet Has been For Vansh, No Sweetheart, The Bullet Has been For You, I Desired Vansh To Gain Close To You & Pours His own Heart Out In Front Of You. She Cries.

He States Afterwards 1 By 1, He Imparts You Ragini’s Killing Evidence, Afterwards You Give The Evidence To Me, Afterwards Vansh Died That Old Person, Did He Murder, Vansh Stated He Didn’t Murder Him, You Didn’t Believe Him, Because You Believed The 1 You Loved.

She States It Has been My Largest Error. He States No, Your Largest Error Has been To Hand Over Ragini To Me, You Informed Me That Ragini Is Alive, You Got Ragini From Vansh & Gave Her To Me, You Didn’t Really know You Helped Me.

She Requests Did You Try To Murder Ragini, You Lied To Me. He States Ya, I M So Brilliant, Yes Ridhima, I Has been That Masked Person. She Gets Stunned. He States You Almost Failed Me, Great Work.

My Fate Has been All the time With Me, Afterwards I Got Conscious & I Died Ragini. She States It Means You Shot Ragini, You Died Her. He States Yes. She Cries. She Pushes Him & Shouts Kabir. He States Its No Fun To Really know It As of now.

She Recalls Vansh’s Words. She States Ragini Passed away, Because She Understood Who Is Murderer Of Vansh’s Mum, It Means You Had Died Vansh’s Mum. He States No, I Didn’t Murder Her, She Had Died Vansh’s Mum, The 1 Who Had Stolen Her Painting.

She Recalls Anupriya. She States She Died Uma, It Means Her Love Is Fraud. Anupriya Comes & States Yes, I Had To Accomplish The Drama, Siya Understood My Fact, I Had To Attack Her In A Rush, I Did This To Bring My Son House.

Ridhima States You Detained Vansh & Got That Memory Card As Evidence. He States You Had Burnt That Card, However Aryan Got It Some of the Just how, Afterwards My Lovely Mom Got It From Aryan, Afterwards We Approached That Cliff With Vansh, Afterwards…

Ridhima States Don’t Touch Me, I Going to Bring Your Fact Out. He Holds Her Hand. He Pushes Her Into The Swimming Pool. Kabir & Anupriya Smile. He States I Have Taken Numerous Lives, I Won’t Take A 2nd To Take 1 Extra Personal life, Before You Regret.

You Don’t Make Such Error. Ridhima States You Could Take My Personal life, I Going to Safeguard My Entire family From You, Vansh All the time Protected His own Entire family, I Going to Also Accomplish The Same.

He States Actually, What Going to You Say, You Are Accountable For Vansh’s Demise, Its Not My Error, Going to You Tell Them That You Have been My GF & You Had come In Vansh’s Personal life As A Spy, Right, In case Vansh Got Sacrificed.

You Are Accountable For It, He Has been In Love With You, He Passed away, You Have been His own Love. He States Love Post Is Written In Blood, I Had To Gain Engaged, You Are Accountable For This. He States You Really know, Just how Numerous Citizens Passed away.

Anupriya Plays The Recording. Kabir States Its Siya’s Phone Recording, Say Any Fact You Need, Your Fact Going to Be Before That, You Are Accountable For Ragini’s Demise, You Got Her From Vansh’s Safe Home.

You Didn’t Tell Anybody Regarding Vansh’s Demise, You Are Accountable For It, No 1 Else, Recall, You Ruled To Keep Me House. Ridhima States I Going to Accept Everybody’s Hatred, However I Going to Expose Your Fact, I Won’t Move Back, My Entire family Is Imp For Me.

Anupriya Stops Her. Ridhima States Leave Me. Kabir Gets Wires To Electrocute. Ridhima Requests Have You Lost It. Anupriya States Great Bye Ridhima. Kabir Imparts A Little Shock. Ridhima Falls Back.

He Requests Did You Gain A Shock, Think What Going to Happen To Ishani By Hundreds Of Such Wires. Ridhima Requests Did You Go Mad, She Is Carrying, Show Some of the Humanity, You Could’t Accomplish It.

He States I M Not Such, Just how Shall I Gain Humanity, She Going to Gain Punished, She Offended Me In Front Of Everybody, She Going to Gain A Massive Shock, Afterwards Next Bed To Siya Going to Be Booked For Her.

She States No, You Could’t Accomplish This. He States Go, Run. She Goes. He Smiles. Ridhima Sees Ishani & Requests Her To Block. Ishani Hears Music. She Goes To Her Room. Ridhima Goes & Stops Ishani. They Fall.

Ishani Requests What’s This Misbehavior, Just how Dare You Push Me. Ridhima States I Just…. Ishani States You Really know I M Carrying, Anything Can Have Happened To My Baby, Have You Lost It.

Ridhima States I Has been Trying To Safeguard You From Live Electric Wires. Ishani States Take An Appointment From A Psychiatrist. Kabir & Anupriya Come. Kabir Requests What’s The Issue. He Switches On The Lights & Smiles.

He States Ishani, Appreciate God, Nothing Unfair Happened, Handle The Baby, Vansh Has been Awaiting For This Baby, You Really know That, Accidents Could Happen Anytime With Anybody, Take Care. Ishani States I Didn’t Take Advice From Anybody, I Don’t Want Your Advice, Sufficient, Don’t Make My Room A Park, Step Out. Kabir States This Has been Just A Trailer, Picture Is Still There. Ridhima Looks In Him.

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Ishq Me Marjawan 2 Cast:

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