Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th August 2024 Episode Written Update

Ahana requesting Rudra & Prisha to appear on the chat show. Rudra states Ahana wants me to evident regarding Saransh & his own admission. Prisha states I’d have finished this even in case he didn’t take (2) big step for Saransh, the globe must really know real Rudraksh, I’ll accomplish this show. Rudra smiles. Ahana imagines great you accepted, you utilized Rudra & our status, I’ll utilize you in creating Rudra a big star, he’ll never watch you afterwards. Prisha gets a call. She worries. She goes. Ahana states come shortly, we’ve to debate it. The person states you’re going on the chat show, I’ve identified your personal life’s old fact, this is easy for me, have patience, listen to me, you’ll gain slapped on this show, Rudra going to slap you, you’ve to provoke him.

She requests what. He states you’ll offend him & he’ll slap you, remember what could happen, I’ll tell Saransh that he’s an illegitimate child. She imagines who’s he, just how could I offend Rudra, I’ve to make his own image fine, in case he slaps me, no… Rudra requests whose call has been it. She imagines I could’t tell fact to you for Saransh’s sake. Ahana states you look middle class in indian dresses, try something western, I’ll call the designer. Prisha states I won’t wear western clothes, Rudra’s image going to alter by our talk, citizens going to watch us, not our clothes. Ahana states fine, dress us well, I’ve lots of arrangements to make. She goes. Rudra states sorry, don’t feel bad, you really know Ahana’s nature. Prisha goes. Rudra states strange. Neerja states I heard baby’s heartbeat & got (1) relieved, Prisha is a great doctor, I m sure nothing could happen to me & our baby.

Rahul states of course, you’re lucky. Housemaid states someone had come to meet you. He requests Neerja to take (2) medicines. She states I’ll take (2) it in in the morning. Rahul requests Yuvraj why did you come house. Yuvraj states I really know, some of the talks happen in house, why did you lie to me. Rahul requests what lie. Yuvraj states my Prisha is your spouse’s doctor, I’d informed you, why didn’t you say. Rahul states block this nonsense, I don’t have time & energy for this, I didn’t really know you exist, Prisha didn’t marry Rudra that time, she’s a great doctor, my spouse is comfortable with her, shall I alter her doctor in case Prisha is your ex fiancee, I’ve no issue with Rudra & Prisha’s marriage, they’re getting numerous tags of lovable couple, Neerja trusts Prisha, just how could I alter her. He gets sms. He states Rudra & Prisha are going in Chetna’s live show. Yuvraj states its a big show, are you sure. Rahul states as spouse & spouse, they’ll gain famous, does she love you, did she alter, she got (1) Rudra. Yuvraj shouts sufficient, this won’t happen. Rahul states its happening. Yuvraj imagines to curb Prisha.

Prisha requests Saransh to work (5) tough in science & gain complete marks. They hug & say love you. Rudra comes & hugs Saransh. He states I want to talk to Prisha. He sends Saransh. He requests what are you hiding, tell me, Saransh stated I know you, trust me. She gets Yuvraj’s call. He requests again. She disconnects the call. He stops her & states I m requesting you what’s the issue, why are you wasting time, talk to him.

She answers the call. Rudra states put it on speaker. Yuvraj requests why are you disconnecting my call, what accomplish you think of yourself, why are you doing show with Rudra, I try to make you far from Rudra, you’re getting close to him, why are you getting emotions for him, you really know he deceived us, tell me that you don’t love me anymore, take (2) my personal life, why are you killing me like this. Prisha states I m not doing anything unfair, you could think anything, I could’t support it. She disconnects. He gets angry & calms himself. He states you could go on show, I’ll watch just how you accomplish it. Rudra requests just how could he gain angry on you, why are you sad, your Yuvraj is upset. Prisha states its nothing like that. Rudra requests her to watch her face & say, isn’t she sad. He states you didn’t talk to Yuvraj well, because I has been here. She states you don’t know me.

He requests why, you’d miss your ex lover, you both loved every different. She states I m sad as of now, I didn’t expect this from you, I m wedded, I m your spouse, you fought for my role on live television, you’re informing this, I m not a hypocrite, I really know limits of a spouse, you still think I’ve emotions for Yuvraj. Rudra states I really know what I feel, you really know what you feel. He goes. She cries. Balraj states its epidemic time, its unsafe to gain citizens house. Ahana states it’ll gain profits, citizens going to watch our home & really know our lifestyle, you must gain prepared. He goes. Ahana requests why didn’t you gain prepared, Rudra, Chetna’s tandem going to come to set up lights.

Rudra requests her not to worry. The tandem comes to set up lights & sound. Yuvraj states Rudra & Prisha going to gain publicity, why is Prisha going to gain by doing this show. Gopal states she’s sensible, what’s unfair in case she’s happy. Yuvraj states you’re her dad, you’re informing this. Gopal states I really know my daughter, you loved her, you must trust her. Vasu states you really know Prisha. Gopal states she went for Saransh’s sake, she’s happy, block all this, sit in case you need to see the show (or) go. Yuvraj imagines I’ll accomplish your killing when time comes, I’ve finished everything to ruin the show.

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