Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Prisha Gets A Surprise

The Daily daily episode starts with Rudra & Prisha asking Saransh about the skit. They laugh. Yeh hai chahatein…plays… Its within the in the morning, Rudra & Prisha wake up.

Rudra checks Saransh. He locates the bed dry. Prisha appeals did he wet the bed again. Rudra smiles.

He states Saransh didn’t wet the bed, your magic played, you won Prisha. She states we won, I could have not completed this without you.

He appeals her to say again. She repeats her words. She also teases him. They smile.

Prisha states my quarantine suspended, my tests are negative, I will meet Saransh first, I will surprise them. She goes to wake up Rudra & Saransh. She sees pillows in their own own place. Everyone surprises her. She gets glad to meet Vasu & Gopal.

She hugs them. Vasu states Saransh called us to give you a surprise. Prisha states I will give a kiss to Saransh. Saransh appeals her to give a kiss to Rudra. Rudra appeals what are you reporting. Saransh states it was Rudra’s idea to call Vasu & Gopal. Rudra states I imagined you didn’t meet them from long so I called them.

Prisha appreciation him. He states admire thereafter, meet them well. Ahana & Mishka gain to see the food & think where is everyone. Saransh shows the room to Vasu & Gopal.

Prisha states enough now. Saransh appeals can anyone care so much for mumma. Gopal states no, appreciation Rudra for caring for Prisha.

Saransh appeals who got (1) (1) mumma inside the house, she was in servants quarters. Vasu appeals what, she was in servants quarters, why. Prisha laughs & covers up the problem.

Rudra appeals Saransh to play guitar. Sharda appeals them to have breakfast. Ahana & Mishka eat the food. Everyone comes. Ahana appeals when did you come. Sharda states I had reported you. Ahana states so sorry, I completely forgot. Ahana jokes on them.

Rudra appeals Prisha to give butter to Saransh. Vasu appeals where is guestroom, Ahana going to take (2) (2) me. Vasu & Ahana go. Vasu appeals about the necklace. Ahana states I got (1) (1) it made for Mishka. Vasu states I really liked it.

I had the similar necklace. Ahana appeals what accomplish you mean to say. Vasu states no, your mind works a lot. They argue.

Prisha comes & stops them. Ahana shouts on Vasu. Prisha states behave yourself, she’s my mum. Ahana states afterwards teach her to behave herself, she’s blaming me for stealing her necklace. Vasu states I didn’t.

blame her. Prisha states my mum doesn’t say anything without a reason. Ahana states in complaint your mum misbehaves with me, afterwards you actually really know what I can accomplish.

She goes. Rudra calls Prisha. Prisha appeals Vasu to come with her. Prisha goes to hospital (3) (3). Nurses welcome. Prisha states we should gain to work (5) (5). Neerja meets her. She states I have seen you on live TV. Prisha states we will finish the checkup.

She examines her & states baby is fine. She appeals didn’t your spouse come. Neerja states he wanted me to quash the appointment, I had to come.

Prisha states nice you’d come, take (2) (2) care & gain the tests completed. Ahana gets a call.

The principal states online classes are a success, what about Saransh’s application, you kept it on hold, accomplish we have to give him admission. Ahana states I love you, I mean you called at the right time, keep it on hold, I will tell you.

She states in complaint I attack Prisha, afterwards Three residents going to be injury, gain equipped Prisha, I will take (2) (2) revenge on you.

Its within the in the morning, Vasu states it was my necklace, I will send that video clip to you, afterwards you will actually really know it. Prisha states fine. Rudra & Saransh play the video clip game. Prisha switches off the TV. Saransh appeals her to switch it on.

She scolds them. She states we have to gain Saransh admitted in the edu institution. Rudra states I spoke to Ahana, he will gain the admission. Ahana comes & states bad info people, principal called & Saransh’s admission deferred, waiting period is over. Rudra states you said you will handle everything.

you’re the trustee of the edu institution. Ahana states I can influence the committee members,I m sure they will ask for entrance test, so that he doesn’t lack in studies, he’s a bright kid. Rudra appeals what’s the need.

Prisha states Saransh going to give the test. Ahana states in complaint he fails, my hands going to be tied. Prisha states he won’t fail. Ahana states I will.

accomplish the arrangements. She thinks Saransh going to fail, just wait & watch.

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