Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Riddhima Finds A Mysterious Statue

The Daily episode begins with Dadi stopping Angre from taking Mrs. D’souza. Vansh states she made a error. She states I really know she did a error, she’s apologetic, don’t fire her. Vansh states fine, I’ll give a opportunity on your informing, else I could’t tolerate the 1 who frauds me.

Mrs. D’souza gratitude Dadi for saving her. The smoke alarm rings. Riddhima imagines did I leave the gas on. She runs. Ishani smiles & recalls igniting the stove. She imagines I’ve made your in the morning not so great. Riddhima puts the burnt vessel aside.

Anupriya scolds her. Ishani states you wanted a great omen, you wanted your bahu to make kheer, as of now watch, what she’s doing. Riddhima requests Dadi to give her sometime, she’ll make sweets. She quickly makes sweets & maintains bhog. Dadi smiles. Riddhima takes the sweets for Vansh.

She requests him to taste it, the sweetdish lessens bitterness of the heart also. Vansh tastes the sweets. He likes it & states not bad. Dadi smiles & states this is named real bahu, the day has been spoiling, however she managed it by her smartness. Vansh states I’ve an imp gathering, I’ll go. He goes.

Riddhima goes to clean the kitchen. Mrs. D’souza states I’ll clean it. Riddhima sees her hand wound & does the aid. She states sorry for whatever happened with you, I couldn’t accomplish anything for you. Mrs. D’souza states I’ve rised Vansh, I did a error, he gave me such a big punishment, its not justice. Riddhima states sorry on his own behalf, what’s within the backyard, that there is such a big punishment.

Mrs. D’souza states no 1 is allowed to go there, please. She goes. Riddhima states something big would be hiding there, maybe the past is hiding something that could send him to jail. Vansh states I could double the amount, however I need this deal, think its finished from my side, quite shortly I’ll really know who’s the criminal in this home.

Riddhima imagines to go to backyard. Aryan requests why are you so scared. She requests him to mind his own own business.

He states its hard job to handle Vansh, in case you need support, don’t hesitate, I’d be glad to support. She states I m your Bhabhi, in case I want support, I could tell Vansh, appreciate you. Vansh states Riddhima won’t be saved in case she’s unfair, I’ll not question her without any evidence, she’ll make some of the error shortly, I’ll trap her, it won’t be witnessed to her.

Riddhima goes to backyard. Riddhima steps within the rope & gets wound. She deletes her sandals & goes ahead. She follows the footsteps. Riddhima states I m sure Vansh going to take (2) extra time within the gathering. She approaches some of the place. She gets wound. She states what secret is hidden here. He states she won’t be detecting the secrets, in case she does, afterwards she’ll be captured. Riddhima states I’ve to hurry up.

Her dupatta gets stuck & states Vansh…. sorry Vansh I lost my way, I had come here by error, sorry. She turns & doesn’t watch anybody. She goes & sees a lady’s statue. She states whose statue is this, its not from Vansh’s family (4), who’s this lady. She sees the ring with VR initials.

She states there must be something else here. Her dupatta gets stuck. She tries to free it & turns. She gets stunned seeing Vansh holding her dupatta. Vansh requests what are you doing here, Mrs. D’souza informed you regarding the statue.

She states no, she didn’t say, why would she say. He states don’t play with me, Riddhima, why accomplish you feel that I m not maintaining an eye on you. She states whatever happened with Mrs. D’Souza, she won’t dare to break your trust. He states interesting, citizens learn from different’s errors.

why did you make this error. She states I has been seeing the home & approached here. He angrily throws a knife & states my aim isn’t so bad, however I could’t punish you without getting my answers, you’ve witnessed Mrs. D’Souza getting fired & you dared to come here, why…. She gets scared.

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