Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 1st December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 1 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (1-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 1st December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Ishani informing Ridhima had taken overall charge in her hand. Dadi states unfair, I’d given the right to Ridhima to decide, Ridhima ruled it by heart to unite Anupriya & Kabir, you’d have ruled the same.

Vihaan states in case you all kept Kabir for mom’s happiness, afterwards I’ll also tolerate him, its my bad luck that my spouse is getting wedded to my enemy, you couldn’t await for 40 days, you gave my place to someone else, did you try to locate my body, you just talk big things regarding love. Ridhima states no.

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Dadi states cool down Vansh, we all have been with her call, when we didn’t gain your information, we ruled it, its not easy to live as a widow. Ishani states you all the time take Ridhima’s side, you don’t really know her real face, she’d given Kabir the responsibility to locate Vansh, she allowed Kabir to stay here. She scolds Kabir.

Ishani states Kabir didn’t regret your demise, he has been trying to take your place, Ridhima utilizes her innocent face, don’t really know what game she’s playing, maybe she has been going to involve Kabir in our property also, Bappa has sent you back, don’t really know what Dadi imagines that she praises Ridhima. Vihaan gets angry & goes to gain a firestick.

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Kabir catches the havan fire stick. Ridhima imagines Vihaan is reacting the same as Vansh, great job. Kabir imagines of Vansh’s words. Kabir imagines to accomplish something to manage this status. Kabir states come on Vansh, you could vent out your enmity, anger & annoyance.

You’ve witnessed it as of now, its not intentionally finished, in reality I has been going to leave the city on your Tervi, afterwards I came to know you’re my brother.

You’re my stepbrother, I don’t need any misunderstanding, trust me, I got all this hospitals checked to locate your body, I confess that I kept the marriage proposal ahead of Ridhima.

That she agreed. Ridhima imagines he’s cleanly cunning. Kabir states she also believed that I must take Vansh’s responsibility, I just desired to gain happiness back in this home, as of now you’ve come, its best I leave, I need permission to take something precious, I’ve a right on it. He takes Anupriya with him.

Ridhima smiles seeing them. Kabir states Dadi, it has been my error to stay here on your informing, in case I’ve wound you, afterwards forgive me, its best we leave. Anupriya requests what are you doing, this wasn’t our aim. Ridhima recalls Kabir’s words & imagines evil all the time loses, I’ve won, you’re going from my personal life.

Vihaan states block. Kabir smiles. Kabir states as of now goal going to come after us, I understood Vansh going to block us. Vihaan states you’re snatching my valuable thing. He takes his own Saafa. Ridhima imagines I didn’t tell this to Vihaan, just how does he really know.

Kabir imagines I m sure he isn’t Vansh, Vansh wouldn’t gain far from his own mum. Vihaan states gratitude, what’s mine going to be mine. Ridhima smiles.

She gratitude Bappa. Dadi stops Kabir & Anupriya. She states Vansh, you’re my Vansh, right, my Vansh believes in maintaining relations, not breaking relations, Anupriya loved you over your mum, you could’t forget it. Vihaan states I never went over your word. He goes to Kabir & states we kept enmity, as of now we’ll keep relations.

He hugs Kabir. Dadi smiles. Vihaan states well performed Kabir, as of now the moves going to be mine, Vansh never forgets his own enemies, await & see. Kabir gets stunned.

Dadi states as of now I feel my Vansh has return. Ridhima imagines the game turned, we’ll keep the next part same. She states Vansh, I really know I’ve wound you a lot, forgive me please. He recalls Ridhima requesting Vihaan to forgive her, no 1 going to question.

Vihaan states you didn’t just wound me, you broke me, you’ve made a joke of my emotions & trust, you performed a game with me, you’ve deceived me, Kabir has been my enemy, enemy maintains enmity, you have been my loved 1, I trusted you, you understood Kabir is my big enemy, even afterwards you have been marrying him. She imagines what’s Vihaan informing, this wasn’t our schedule.

He states Dadi would haven’t awaited you to agree, maybe she’s given priority to your happiness & future. Ridhima imagines just how does Vihaan really know this, has been he maintaining an eye on this home.

She states I m actually sorry, forgive me. She goes close & requests what’s this drama, just accomplish what I stated. He pushes her & states stay far away, my hatred gets high when you come close, your offence is bigger than remaining. Dadi states give her a opportunity to say. Vihaan states there is nothing to say, she has been remarrying.

block it Ridhima. Ishani states Vansh is doing right. Chanchal states yes, in case there is no love & trust, what going to you accomplish. Ishani states Vansh had got Ridhima on his own head, as of now her fact went out, she doesn’t deserve you.

Vihaan states right, I ruled to not stay in this relation, I need divorce. Ridhima & everybody gain stunned. Vihaan states no 1 could give me such pain like you’ve given me Ridhima.

Ishani states you’ve all the time neglected her errors, as of now she’s becomes our issue, make her out shortly, she doesn’t deserve to be here.

He states exactly. He goes upstairs. Ridhima states Dadi…. Vihaan throws a suitcase down & states gain out of my home.

Ridhima imagines just how is Vihaan behaving like Vansh. She looks in him. She imagines in case I could gain you here, I could throw you out, you’ve made a big error Vihaan. He states I could’t tolerate you here, you’ll stay in outhouse till divorce is finished.

Ishani states Dadi, help Vansh in his own call. Dadi cries. Chanchal states just throw her out. Vihaan states in case she disappears, afterwards I’ll be tied to her all personal life, once divorce happens, afterwards she’ll be gone forever. Ridhima states I didn’t think you’ll accomplish this, you’d sworn on your mum. Vihaan winks & smiles. He states you won’t listen.

He takes her out. Ishani states I’ll handle her, I’ll throw her out of the home comfortably. Vihaan smiles & waves to Ridhima. Ridhima imagines did I gain the other devil to cope with 1. She prays for entire family. Ishani requests Ridhima to come.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 1st December 2024 / (1-12-2020)

First episode date: 13 July 2024

Production location: Mumbai, India

Number of episodes: 63

Directed by: Yash A Patnaik

Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

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Ishq Me Marjawan 2 Cast:

  • Rrahul Sudhir
  • Helly Shah
  • Vishal Vashishtha

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