Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Kabir manipulates Riddhima against Vansh

Today’s daily episode begins with Riddhima spotting Kabir. The mask human hides. Riddhima requests Kabir what he’s doing here. Kabir states to Riddhima that he has been worrying for her, therefore had come to watch her. Kabir recalls just how he plotted over Riddhima. He has been regarding to hug Riddhima however Riddhima steps back.

Ahead, Kabir queries Riddhima why she had come in between bullet & Vansh. He accuses her for supporting Vansh & forgetting her mission. Riddhima requests Kabir why he’s speaking weird. She reveals regarding yellow gloves human. Kabir gets irked & requests Riddhima why she’s after yellow gloves human. He requests her in case her target moved from her mission & she don’t need freedom? Riddhima states she wants freedom however yellow gloves human wanted to harm Vansh. Kabir requests Riddhima than let him/her. Riddhima states they need to send Vansh jail not to murder her. She shows her worry for Vansh. Kabir imagines to behave usually with Ridhima.

Thereafter, Kabir instigate Riddhima over Vansh & requests her to leave hunting for yellow gloves human & begin in search of evidence over Ragini. The duo hears someone’s foot step & Kabir requests Riddhima to leave the place.

Furthermore, Riddhima imagines Kabir has been right. She rules to keep her target on collecting evidence over Ragini. She bumps into Vansh. Vansh requests Riddhima in case she taken her medicine (or) not. Riddhima states she’ll take (2) thereafter. Vansh imparts medicine to Riddhima. Riddhima imparts the hiccups. Vansh back hug Riddhima & tries to gain closer to her. Riddhima stands stunned.

Vansh reveals to Riddhima his own mom states in case you give shock to someone than hiccups disappears. Riddhima regarding to leave the place & imagines Vansh hold back her again.
Here, Kabir requests the mask human to go & see what Riddhima is doing. Kabir imagines he’ll send Vansh jail using Riddhima.

There, Vansh requests Riddhima he didn’t block her. Riddhima turns & watch her dress has been stuck to the table. Vansh requests in case she got (1) a habit to blame him for everything. He furthermore requests her to take (2) rest. Riddhima requests Vansh why he’s worrying for her so much. Vansh clarifies because she taken bullet for her therefore; he out of guilt is taking care of her.

Ahead, Riddhima & Vansh debate regarding Yellow gloves human. Vansh ensures Riddhima that he’ll locate out regarding the human shortly. Mask human over hears RiAnsh talk. The human informs Kabir regarding Riddhima & Vansh’s schedule. Kabir informs the mask human a schedule to flee from that duo eyes. Daily episode ends with Mrs. Dsouza spotting the face behind mask human in the store room.

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