Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Riddhima attempts to find about Vansh’s past

The daily daily episode starts with Ridhima asking Vansh in complaint she doesn’t have freedom to roam in liberty in the house, being Mrs Vansh Raisinghania. Vansh states that it’s interesting just just how she suddenly got (1) feelings of wifey.

He appeals her what got (1) burnt in that fire of seven vows: someone’s attitude, someone’s ego. Ridhima states that she’s his own own spouse although not like he thinks & clears that she got (1) curious seeing just just how he got (1) angry on the lady who made him play in her lap just because she’d come in the backyard so she wanted to actually really know what was there. Vansh states that she’s right & there is difference between servant & spouse.

He forgives her for trying to actually really know what was there as a spouse although orders her to put it into her mind that any such fault won’t be forgiven again. He leaves. Ridhima moves far far away too.

Ridhima goes in the washroom & splashes water on her face. She recalls Vansh’s outrage on the D’Souza, getting angry on her after finding her in backyard & also remembers the statue with “VR” ring. She wonders who that person of the statue could be.

Ridhima goes out of the washroom & just afterwards D’Souza comes there with lunch for her. Ridhima questions her about the statue although.

hearing about it, D’Souza starts shivering & warns her not to make the fault of going in the backyard & mentioning the statue again. She leaves.

Ridhima goes behind D’Souza trying to stop her although slips & falls on ground. Ishani sees her & laughs. She mocks Ridhima walking regarding her & singing.

She states that she can notice her impatience to actually really know about what’s in the backyard & sums that she could have asked her & she had have reported to Vansh who would have completed with her the same he did with that person. Ridhima appeals with whom. Ishani appeals her in complaint she ever asked Vansh why he married her. Ridhima is confused & appeals what she means. Ishani appeals her in complaint she’s noticed Vansh’s intensity.

She states that there is lava inside him & dying by burning is surely easier than dying by melting. She stabs an apple with a knife that was placed on a stand near them & suggests Ridhima to ask Vansh about that statue in complaint she wants to become like this apple. She leaves. Ridhima wonders what the secret of that statue is. She is confused.

On the various hand, Vansh is playing basketball. Angre appeals him what in complaint Ridhima tries to go to the backyard again. Ridhima hides behind tree & listens to them. Vansh replies to Angre that the first fault can be forgiven although on the second One justice should be completed.

He states that Ridhima has to really know what not listening to him means & she should never gain to actually really know the secret of the statue. He throws the basketball over a pillar angrily reporting that whoever going to try to gain to actually really know that secret going to have this condition.

The ball bounces backwards & is about to hit Ridhima although she moves far far away. Vansh moves far far away succeeded by Angre. Ridhima wonders what the secret of that statue is & why everyone wants to hide it.

The next within the in the morning, Ridhima opens her eyes & gets stunned seeing Vansh lying next to her. He wishes her nice within the in the morning. She sits up asking her what he’s doing there. He grabs her night suit although she stands up.

Vansh states that they’re a happily married couple &, from she could’t be just a half spouse & likes to roam regarding free of any remote control as his own own spouse, she should let him sleep on her bed at least.

Ridhima notices that his own own sofa was messy understanding that he slept there only. She states that she doesn’t like such pranks. Vansh states that every lady likes gifts though.

He gets up & moves towards her grabbing her hand & making her wear a ring. Ridhima recognizes it to be the ring that was on the statue’s finger. Vansh states that the ring is quite special for him & whoever wears it, must be a special One only.

He states that she’s quite special to him too & hopes she respects the gift. He moves far far away.

Ridhima is left confused & wonders why Vansh called her special & even gave her the ring that he imparts to his own own closest ones only. She states that it was also in the finger of that statue.

She recalls Kabir making her wear on the same finger & states that she should have wore Kabir’s ring although now this ring going to take (2) Vansh to his own own end. She comes to the conclusion that the ring has something to accomplish with Vansh’s past & she will locate it out.

Thereafter, Ridhima does physiotherapy session with Siya & teaches her some stretching. Ridhima thinks that Siya must actually really know about the ring although wonders just just how to ask her.

Siya notices the ring in her hand & appeals her from where she got (1) it. Ridhima reports her that Vansh gifted it to her this within the in the morning. Siya tries to say something & Ridhima understands that she wants to say that it’s the same ring that the statue had.

Siya appeals her just just how she knows about the statue. Ridhima appeals her to tell additional about it. Siya refuses knowing anything. Ridhima tries forcing her & requests her not to behave like an outsider. She states that she wants to actually really know what is behind that statue, apart from she’s family (4) too.

Before Siya can reveal anything, Anupriya comes & scolds Siya. She also warns Ridhima to be like a daughter-in-law. She states that every house has a past & it shouldn’t be disclosed in front of anyone. Ridhima states that she’s misunderstanding.

Anupriya states that she’s noticed that she’s behaving like she’s looking for something from that day she’s come in the house & it seems like, not a daughter-in-law.

although a spy has stepped in the house. She sums that they all aren’t stupid & warns Ridhima that she will locate only ashes in complaint she digs into a graveyard & not a treasure.

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