Hyd youth bags gold medal at Mind Sports Olympiad in London

Hyderabad(Hyd): City-based 20-year-old math prodigy Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash Jonnalagadda, holding the fastest person calculator within the globe report, has finished the country proud, winning the gold medal in the Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) in London.

As the nation celebrated its 74th Independence Day, Jonnalagadda, continuing Mathematics (Hons.) in St. Stephens College in New Delhi(DL), beat 29 competitors, as many as 57 yrs. of age, from 13 nations, to emerge the champion within the Mental Calculation Globe Championship20 in London on Aug 15.

Mind Sports Olympiad

The MSO is the most prestigious Intl. competition for games of mental skill & mind sports conducted yearly & equivalent to any different Olympic event within the realm of physical sports & he has been the 1st Indian to bag the gold medal within the event, Jonnalagadda informed PTI on Tue..

As per the MSO site, it’s an Intl. event with over 60 various board game competitions ranging from classics like Chess, Scrabble & unique events involving over a dozen globe championships like Memory, Mental Calculations & Creative Thinking.

Referred to as Bhanu, the maths prodigy stated he holds 4 reports for being the “fastest person calculator within the globe”, having eclipsed reports that are once conducted by greatly acclaimed mathematicians.

As per him, the judges, who have been fascinated by his own speed, inquired him to do extra calculations to affirm his own accuracy, that he proved with elan.

Bhanu, who did his own schooling here, stated the Olympic Gold medal win in Mental Math & Mind Sports must be recognised by this Central govt.

Future Schedules

On his own future schedules, the teenager, whose parents own a small scale meal manufacturing enterprise, stated he wanted to eradicate maths phobia prevalent amongst candidates, mostly within the rural & underprivileged communities.

Bhanu rued there have been no substantial programs to rise mathematical abilities & numeracy within the nation & stated he’d like to create math labs, approach out to millions of kids, under what he named VISION Math , to make them love math & arithmetic calculations.

Exploring Infinities, a begin up run by him, is a math education partner of T-SAT the education channel of the Telangana (TL) govt.

The startup aims in developing cognitive abilities in kids using arithmetic learning utilizing an edutech application, that Bhanu states, going to banish maths phobia of class I-XII candidates by creating brain workouts a famous culture.

“We’re in search of investments from VCs (venture capitalists) to make it big, within the Indian context,” he added further.