Parents spent 70 crore for buying smartphones in 15 days

Hyderabad(Hyd): The long hours kids spend on computers & clever phones for on-line lessons as educational institutions remain shut because of the COVID-19 epidemic is starting to bother parents as cases of headaches, eye issues & pressure surface, it was learned.

Besides, poverty-stricken parent who’re already struggling who lost their own jobs after the lock-down because of the epidemic are as of now suffering for the want of their own kids to full their own on-line lessons.

Parents have to suffer for the monthly expenses, net charges for the on-line lessons, smartphones, laptops.

The Telangana (TL) govt had initiated on-line lessons in govt educational institutions from Sep 1, after that the parents are obliged to purchase smartphones for the lessons.

They’re taking loans to fulfill their own kids’s bright future. As per the dept. of education, the amount of candidates those have joined the lessons using smartphones, laptops, notepad from Sep One is 1,91,768. Till date the amount of candidates who’re participating on-line lessons approaches 2,19,285.