Hundreds turn out for Trump car parade around Ohio, Indiana towns

Supporters of President Donald Trump conducted a campaign parade over the weekend, with nearly 1,000 cars covered in banners & flags riding during Lawrenceburg, Indiana(IN) & into Ohio(OH).

The crowd named “Patriots for America” organized the hourslong parade that started in Perfect North Slopes on Sun.

Numerous of those who attended put flags & banners on their own cars & motorcycles.

Afterward, they’d a rolling election protest for Trump, driving into Ohio(OH) & back.

“All little small towns, little cities, Harrison, Cheviot, Sunman, Bright, all these little towns & burgs’ we’re passing through,” organizers Ron Powell stated. “It is great to watch citizens come together to help conservative values.”

Organizers say they counted nearly a thousand cars within the procession. They stated they help conservative values — & Trump is the finest representative of those within the Nov election.

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