How To Sell a Mobile Home Park: Tips & Pitfalls To Avoid

Do you intend to sell your mobile home? You should be aware that they are now referred to as manufactured homes. Although you might believe that selling this kind of house is similar to selling a typical home, it isn’t. Therefore, you’ll need to modify your strategy.

We will provide both essential and detailed guidance on selling a mobile home in our guide to selling mobile homes. With these helpful hints, you ought to complete a deal that goes well without too much stress.

You may learn to get the mobile home ready for sale, market it successfully, and complete the deal to ensure you get the most excellent price with the least fuss.

Additionally, you should be able to raise the mobile home’s selling price.

The sale of a manufactured or mobile home is handled differently from a typical real estate transaction. If you are a mobile home park buyer looking for ways to sell your mobile home park, you should avoid these mistakes, which are listed below.

Know The Difference Between Real Estate And Chattel

Know The Difference Between Real Estate And Chattel

Selling your mobile home and its property will resemble selling a regular house if you own the land. However, the game’s rules drastically alter if you only sell your mobile home and do not own the property it is situated on.

It will be regarded as real estate or real property if it is securely fastened to land and sold with the land. The mobile home is regarded as personal property or chattel if it is not being sold with the land.

It is pretty common to sell a mobile home in what is known as a “lot lease” scenario, when the home is on the ground that is rented from someone else, typically in a park or neighborhood.

This is because around half of individuals who live in mobile homes own the property their homes are on. If so, bear in mind that the park’s management will have some say in who you sell your house to; thus, you should also involve the administration.

Determine The Price Of A Mobile Home


Find out the value of the mobile home and, if there are any outstanding debts, how much you owe before putting it on the market. Setting the correct price is the key to selling any property fast and avoiding it sitting on the market for several weeks or months.

It should also result in a profit for you. If you have a mobile home, you must take into account both the value of the mobile home and the land’s worth (if you own it).

Usually, as time passes, the value of the land will increase while the value of the mobile home will decrease. Land increases in value; however mobile houses depreciate like vehicles.

Pricing your mobile parks excessively or insufficiently is unacceptable. People who purchase your mobile park home may have high expectations as a result of the high price, and if those expectations are not met, they may feel misled.

Find the average price that adequately reflects the attributes of your property by comparing the costs of comparable properties. Alternatively, you can check with your lender to see how much money you still owe on your loan for the house and the asset to calculate your asking price.

Ask a real estate agent for a price range to obtain a general estimate of your possible home worth. You must use an appraiser to get a more precise estimate.

A potential buyer will likely do a property inspection, so providing your findings is an excellent method to gain an advantage. Even better, you can persuade purchasers that they don’t need to pay for their own examination, giving you a negotiating advantage.

Avoid Writing A Confused Listing


There is one error that you must unquestionably avoid if you’re wondering how to sell your mobile home park quickly. It takes time for folks to comprehend this listing.

Nearly all of your mobile park’s amenities should be mentioned in your listing, along with the cost and other significant details.

Include the amount paid monthly in rent, the size of the lots, the acreage, and any additional utilities offered.

Identify neighboring points of interest and other information that will entice potential purchasers to consider your mobile home park if necessary. A major error in your efforts will undoubtedly result from the absence of all this information in your listing.

Look for a real estate broker who primarily sells mobile houses if you’re utilizing one, as this qualification differs from that of a conventional realtor.

This expert will list your home on multiple listings, which link to national websites like and thereby advertises it to prospective buyers across the country.

However, if you want to sell the house on your own without the assistance of a real estate agent, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort, beginning with advertising, to let people know that your house is up for sale.

Going For A Deal Blindly

Going For A Deal Blindly

Never choose the first offer that is presented to you. You must evaluate the reliability of the individual making the offer to you. In addition, you need to learn the other party’s payment plans.

If they want to pay you in cash, you could still need an appraiser’s assistance and the bank’s approval of the proposed selling price. On the other side, if he wants to finance, you might talk to financial businesses further about it. You may be forced to make a poor decision by blind trust alone.

Know The Financing Options

Buyers of mobile homes on lot leases have various financing alternatives than those who purchase conventional real estate. Here are four buyer financing options for you to think about.

1. FHA Loan:

A lot-lease mobile house may be eligible for a conventional mortgage, but only a few lenders would. Although it has very rigorous guidelines for which homes it would finance, the FHA will cover these loans. Additionally, the buyer will need to sign a lease with your neighborhood for at least three years, and the house must pass an inspection.

2. Chattel Loan:

Like an auto loan, a chattel loan is given for specialized items such as mobile houses. Although they have fewer criteria than an FHA loan, lenders that specialize in this type of financing typically need an inspection. However, their rates won’t be as affordable as those of a conventional lender.


3. Owner Financing:

You can finance the deal if your buyer has the funds to make a down payment but lacks the credit (or inclination) to take out a loan. The process involves the buyer paying you a deposit for a house, and you agree on conditions for the remaining loan.

With the down payment, the title is transferred, but you place a lien on the home until it is paid off. This type of arrangement will require the assistance of a lawyer, and you should adequately investigate your buyer to make sure they are an intelligent investment.

4. Cash:

The simplest option is a cash buyer, which is feasible considering the cost of mobile homes. A cash buyer can be your best choice if your house needs to be in better shape or you owe a substantial amount.

One drawback is that cash buyers typically get first dibs on properties, so you might need to lower your asking price to close the purchase.

Not Following The State Rules


There are regulations for mobile parks in every state. Make sure you fully understand your park before attempting to sell it. If you have many renters, you should also inform them of the ownership change. Additionally, you must make sure that you fix the issue if your agreement could violate any of the previously established guidelines.

Think Curb Appeal When Selling Your Mobile Home

We are all aware that first impressions matter. Examining your property’s outside is crucial when selling a mobile home. Look for problems affecting the sale’s value and allure to prospective purchasers.

Consider functionality first; does everything operate as it should? For instance, check that the external window fittings, gutters, drainpipes, and fascias are all in good working condition.

If they don’t, we advise you to get them rectified because this will affect their marketability. Your park house’s exterior may need to be painted. This will increase the property’s value and offer your mobile home fantastic curb appeal.

Make The Best Of The Inside Of Your Park Home

Make The Best Of The Inside Of Your Park Home

Here, we examine what may be done within your park house to improve its value and boost saleability. To declutter is a clear one. Clutter is one of the main factors that deter consumers. Mobile homes are usually relatively small, so even a little clutter may be noticeable.

Therefore, you must take care to remove all personal belongings and valuables. Get rid of everything unused or contributing to your spaces’ messy or unkempt appearance.

Always clean a mobile home’s inside before trying to sell it. You must keep the area tidy even if you are not residing there.

Before a showing, you shouldn’t scurry around with a vacuum and a cloth. Make sure that your house is prepared for viewing at any time.

Cleaning the windows, deep-cleaning the carpets, and removing stains would help the park property seem its best for potential buyers.

Fix Fixtures and Fittings

Buyers will want to ensure that everything functions as intended when purchasing a mobile home. Look carefully for anything that needs repair, modification, or replacement. A buyer is more likely to submit an offer the less work is required of them.

Check the plumbing, light fixtures, doorknobs, and white goods. Consider anything that experiences heavy use or wear and tear. These are the potential concern areas for purchasers. Set their minds at ease and, if necessary, give a handyman instructions.

How To Close A Deal

How To Close A Deal

It will be time to close once you discover a suitable buyer, go through the inspection procedure, and get funding. Your closing procedure will resemble that of a typical home if you are selling the house and the land beneath it; if you are simply selling the house, it will be more like selling a vehicle.

Once the money has been exchanged, you will transfer the title to the new owner. When the title is transferred, if you are performing owner financing, ensure your name is listed as a lien holder. The lien will only be removed once the debt has been paid out in full.


It’s challenging to sell your mobile home park. However, you may ask a professional business for help if you need help with how to proceed.

They are adept at placing relevant listings and selecting reliable bargains.

In most situations, the business would quickly determine the best alternative for you and present you with a deal that would indeed be a steal.