Jobs Lost Due to Coronavirus: Over 26 Million Jobs Lost In 5 Weeks

The amount of citizens forced out of job throughout the COVID-19 lock-down continues to soar to historic highs.

Actual jobs lost due to coronavirus are over 26 million across the globe, India lost more jobs than the U.S during the lockdown as per a recent report.

The other 4.4 million citizens claimed unemployment benefits previous week around the nation, the Labour Department stated.

Which brings the total of unemployment claims in just 5 weeks to over 26 million citizens. That’s overall the jobs added over the last TEN years from the well known Great Recession.

Now, the speed of job losses is slowing. Regarding 5.2 million filed throughout the week which ended April 11 & last week had been the 3rd consecutive week of declines.

Jobless Claims Spike During The Coronavirus Crisis

coronavirus jobs lost graph

The graph shows how many people have actually lost their jobs due to coronavirus and lockdown implementation across the world.

The COVID-19 crisis has rapidly ended a decade of outstanding job growth. The unemployment rate, that sank to almost 50-year lows, is likely to soar into double digits.


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