China Earthquake: Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak, A Huge Earthquake Hits China

Coronation tremors were felt on Monday(3 February 2024) in southwest China. Following the earthquake, the Chinese authorities swung into action and rescue operations were initiated.

Coronation tremors were felt Monday in China confronting Corona. Following the earthquake, the government are started.

The news agency PTI quoted the China Earthquake Networkers Center (CENC) as stating that the epicenter of this quake was approximately 21 km within the floor between 30.74 degrees north latitude and 104.46 degrees east longitude, while its intensity has been quantified at 5.1 about the Rictal scale.

Corona is now an epidemic in China. While over 17 million confirmed cases are reported 361 people have died because of coronavirus in China. Many nations have advised their citizens not to visit China, though some nations have canceled their flights.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an International Health Emergency about Corona. Earthquake tremors are felt in China.

150 individuals are rescued after the earthquake in China from the affected areas, while 34 vehicles are delivered to the earthquake. According to China’s official news agency Xinhua, there’s not any news of any loss of property or life.

A resident Zhang Hun, of Jintang County, stated that the ground was shaken for approximately ten minutes. The tremors were felt at the Chengdu region 38 kilometers from the earthquake center.

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