Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Episode Written Update 3 September 2024: Ganga Plans To Kill Guddan

Within the latest series of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan pushes Ganga before she puts the ring on Diljeet’s finger. Everybody begins searching for the ring.

Meantime, Guddan informs AJ, Ganga’s masterplan over them. AJ takes Diljeet’s avatar & informs Ganga that he could gain rid of Guddan’s daughter Choti.

AJ goes to safeguard his own daughter & Guddan prays for his own safety. Saraswati sees Guddan & Diljeet together & realizes that AJ is disguising himself as Diljeet. Guddan locks Saraswati inside a storeroom. AJ gets his own daughter & fights with the kidnappers.

Within the upcoming daily episode, AJ gets back his own daughter safely & gets excited to meet Guddan. Meantime, Avinash sees Diljeet & goes to beat him. AJ discloses his own real identity & Avinash informs him regarding Ganga’s evil schedule over them.

Avinash informs AJ to go inside the home alone & he’ll take (2) care of Choti. Inside the Jindal Bhavan Ganga imparts a dangerous challenge to Guddan & blames her for ruining her happiness. Ganga informs Guddan to decide in that jar she’ll put her hand.

In 1 jar Ganga maintains her engagement ring awhile within the different she maintains poisonous snake. Guddan accepts the challenge & unknowingly puts her hand within the snake jar.

Diljeet comes & stops Guddan. Ganga calls Diljeet for the engagement ceremony however the latter discloses his own identity. Ganga gets stunned seeing AJ.

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