Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Guddan Hits AJ

Scene 1
Laxmi states don’t accomplish this. Ganga states begin the game. Ganga pulls it back & it hits Ganga. Guddan states I’m sorry I didn’t really know you have been standing here.

Ganga states begin hitting him. Guddan pulls it back, it hits Ganga again. Guddan states why accomplish you accomplish this. You really know we’ve retain a gap. Ganga stands behind AJ & states I’m safe here. Guddan hits Ganga again. Guddan states why are you coming in my way.

Ganga states could’t you watch. Guddan states you really know I could’t accomplish anything correctly. Guddan let me take (2) AJ to the room & hit him so no 1 else is wound. Guddan states you come with me.

I informed you so numerous times not to gain into this however you did. Aj & Guddan come to the room. Ganga states my eyes are inside the room.

Guddan states I won’t listen to you. I hit you here in this room. Guddan closes the door & hugs AJ. Guddan is now in tears. Guddan states what’s unfair with Ganga. She’s getting insane.

I hope she doesn’t harm anybody. AJ states don’t say that. Guddan states I need my Choti back. Guddan recalls Ganga’s phone is now in her room.

Guddan states her phone should have some of the clue regarding Choti’s spot. You go there I’ll accomplish this drama here. AJ leaps from that balcony.

Ganga cleans her injuries. Laxmi states Sasu ma is so clever. Avinash states yes however Ganga is so clever. Avinash states in case Ganga gets to really know, she won’t leave me. Saru states they’re all so scared.

AJ rises towards Ganga’s room. Ganga looks outdoor the window in the noise. Guddan shouts & states I’ll hit you. Ganga states carry no. AJ’s recording plays ahh Guddan it hurts. Guddan hits a statue.

Ganga looks inside. Guddan states you don’t care regarding your daughter. The recording states Guddan block.

What are you doing? Ganga states she should were awaiting for this moment. Give me once opportunity to hit Avinash like this as well God. AJ’s recording states I’m sorry I made a error. AJ is in search of Ganga’s phone in her room. Ganga states why am I standing here? I must go & sit. Guddan maintains pretending that she’s hitting AJ. Guddan states I shouldn’t have wedded you.

I wouldn’t were suffering from all this. I’m so stuck. Guddan sits down & cries. Guddan cries & states please safeguard Choti God, I could’t tolerate this.

Scene 2
Choti cries. Teh kidnapper states you keep crying. You’ve eaten my brain. Block it. He states you sent my brother to the hospital (3).

You’ve ruined out name. He picks her & places her nearby idol & hides her. A pandit ji knocks on the door.

He states yes? The pandit ji states we heard a child crying here. Is there a child here? 2 pandits come inside. The person states no, I’m alone here. The pandits say could we sit inside?

They sit inside & pray to the idol. Choti is hidden behind it. The kidnapper begins singing mantras. Pandits leaves.

Ganga states Guddan why did you block? I’ll come inside in case you block hitting him. Guddan states I’m pursuing.

AJ looks in Ganga’s room. Durga states I hear so numerous noises from that room. Is Guddan actually hurting AJ? Laxmi states you really know. She should have something figured out. Avinash looks in someone in Ganga’s room.

He states who’s in Ganga’s room? Laxmi states it can be AJ. The thugs go towards Ganga’s room to see who’s there. AJ tries to see for spot in Ganga’s phone.

The thugs come outdoor.

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