Freedom fighter Raghvendra Rao’s last rites performed by Muslim boys

Hyderabad(Hyd): Raghavendra Rao, who has been suffering from age-related health issues for some time, just recently has been confessed to a private hospital (3) in Hyderabad(Hyd) & breathed his own last awhile undergoing medication on Fri..

Rao’s final rites have been played by a crowd of Muslim boys in Jagitial. Faiyaz Ali with his own friends has given him funeral maintaining in mind all this Hindu traditions & customs.

Who has been Raghavendra Rao?

He has been born in 1927 in Manala of Malyala mandal, Raghavendra Rao pursued primary education in Manala & Malyala & High School (H.S.) education in Old High Educational institution, Jagitial.

A human with high self-respect, he firmly resisted Nizam’s autocratic rule in Telangana (TL). He with his own friends Thandra Meena Rao, Juvvadi Ratnakar Rao & remaining fought over the Nizam.

When India(In) got (1) independence on Aug 15, 1947, the Nizam govt enforced curfew in Telangana (TL) & released orders banning the hoisting of Indian flag within the state.

Refusing Nizam’s orders, Raghavendra Rao hoisted the tricolor on the top of Jagitial old High School (H.S.). Police lodged a complaint over him for violating govt order.

Resisting targets on the common people by Rajakars & Nizam police, he with his own friends waged agitation over them & burnt Nizam govt’s revenue documents in Manala.

With police intensified hunt for him, he went underground & taken training in armed struggle.

After Hyderabad(Hyd) state has been merged in Indian govt, he commanded a personal life as a common farmer. Raghavendra Rao, who formed Padmanayaka Kalyana Mandapam, performed a key role within the formation of Velama Sankshema Mandali. He also performed as dist. president of Freedom Fighters Association.

Repatriating his own Rythu Bandhu money to the govt, he advised CM K Chandrasekhar Rao to give the amount to poverty-stricken farmers.