First person charged under Florida ‘red flag’ law found guilty

The first person to have his guns confiscated under Florida’s 2018 “red flag” law has been found guilty over his refusal to voluntarily surrender the weapons.

Jerron Smith, 33, now faces up to 5 years in prison following a jury in Broward County rejected his argument that he did not fully understand the new law. The jury returned the verdict Friday after a short trial.

Smith, of Deerfield Beach, was the topic of a hazard protection order after the legislation was enacted in reaction to this Parkland school bulk.

Smith possessed an AR-15 rifle along with a .22-caliber gun that Broward deputies captured six shots in a car being driven by his friend, according to reports.

Smith is currently facing trial. He had been accused of shooting who deputies required, according to reports.

Florida’s”red flag” law permits police to acquire a court order to confiscate weapons from those who pose a threat to others and themselves. Florida is just one of 15 countries with such legislation.

In that time a local TV channel reported that Smith had been an Army veteran.

“He spent a great deal of cash because of his weaponry,” the neighbor, Lorenzo Brown, informed WPLG-TV. “It is crazy. You just must live about here to understand what is happening.”

A sentencing date hasn’t yet been set.

The Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that a verdict was returned by the jury.

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