Dwyane Wade, Wife Support Their Boy, 12 to Become Girl

Los Angeles – 3-time NBA champion and 13-time NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade opens up about his personal life and the young boy.

The baller created an appearance on”The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and spoke about his forthcoming ESPN documentary,”D. Wade: Life Unexpected.”

Wade, who’s married to actress Gabrielle Union, spoke frankly about adopting his 12-year-old’s gender identity and teaching himself around the LGBTQ+ community to supply Zaya that the”chance to become her very best self” and become a voice to others.

Union revealed a moment between Zaya and Wade.

“Meet Zaya. She is compassionate, loving, whip-smart and we are proud of her. It is Ok respect & love your kids as they are. Love and light excellent men and women,” Union composed with a private video of their father and child speaking about”individuals living their reality”.

“They’re afraid they’ll be judged. I’ll say do not even consider that. Because what is the purpose of being on this Earth if you are going to attempt to become somebody you’re not being true to your self.

It is like you are not living on your own. That is like the notion to me. It is like, be authentic, and do not care about the way of doing things are,” Zaya explained.

“Even when people are being mean, and when people are getting hurt as they’re attempting to be themselves through this, you still want individuals to live their reality?” Wade chimed in.

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