Dubai Hospital waives Rs 1.52 cr COVID bill of worker from TS

Hyderabad(Hyd): A hospital (3) in Dubai(AE-DU) has waived the INR 1.52 cr bill of a labourer from Telangana (TL), who has been handled there for COVID-19-19.

Odnala Rajesh, who has been under medication in the Dubai(AE-DU) Hospital (3) for 80 days, approached Hyderabad(Hyd) within the early hours of Wed. & left for his own village in Jagtiyal dist..

Medication in Dubai(AE-DU) Hospital (3)

The 42-year-old has been confessed to Dubai(AE-DU) Hospital (3) on Apr 23 & had tested positive(+ve) for COVID-19-19. He recovered after 80 days of medication & the hospital (3) handed him a bill of 7,62,555 Arab Emirate Dirham (INR One cr 52 lakh).

Gundelli Narasimha, president of the Gulf Labour’ Protection Community in Dubai(AE-DU), who taken the worker to the hospital (3) & has been checking him frequently, took the issue to the attention of Sumanth Reddy, an Indian Consulate volunteer in Dubai(AE-DU).

Reddy & Ashok Kotecha of BAPS Swaminarayan Trust appealed Harjeet Singh, Consul (Labor) of Indian Consulate in Dubai(AE-DU), to support the poverty-stricken worker.

Letter to Dubai(AE-DU) Hospital (3) Mgmt

Harjeet Singh wrote a letter to the Dubai(AE-DU) Hospital (3) Mgmt, asking them to waive the bill on humanitarian grounds. They responded positively & waived the bill.

Dubai(AE-DU) Hospital (3) is a multi-specialty hospital (3) & is a part of the Dubai(AE-DU) Dept. of Health & Medical Solutions.

Ashok Kotecha given free airplane ticket to Rajesh & his own escort Dyavara Kankaiah & made payment INR 10,000 for pocket expenses. They approached Hyderabad(Hyd) by an Air India(In) Express airplane.

Rajesh was sent to 14-day house isolation.