Do Payday Loans Affect Your Credit Score?

If you are in a situation where you need some extra cash to pay your bills, or even purchase something that you need, then you probably know that borrowing money from friends and family is a huge no-no. Taking out a mortgage for just a few hundred bucks makes no sense, so does that mean that you are just supposed to wait until you can collect cash for your bills hopefully soon? The answer to all of your financial issues that don’t revolve around huge sums is payday loans. They are a nice and quick way to make it to the end of the month without having to worry that you won’t have enough money to put food on the table. Just like every other type of loan, they have their negative sides, but do they affect your credit score? Keep on reading to find out the answer to this and learn more about this type of financial support.

Will it affect your score?


The answer to this question is a bit complex, however, the payday loans should not affect your score at all. Now, let’s go through the possible scenarios and see how they can affect it and what you can do to prevent that.

As you already know, these types of loans are great for people who are in need of some fast money that they can get right away and pay them back pretty quickly. Most services will let you borrow between a couple of hundred dollars, up to one or two thousand. That all depends on the service that you have chosen. One thing that you should keep in mind is that if you need more than two thousand, it is better to seek other options. An additional thing to know is that if you are not able to return the money you have gotten within one month, you should seek other solutions. Some lenders will let you have an extended period of time to pay everything back, and you may be able to pay things back within two or more months, but you should pay attention to the fact that the longer you wait, the bigger your interest will be. If you don’t give the cash back in time, you also risk getting fees that may pose a huge burden on your financial state.

As long as you pay the loan back within the given time, and as long as you don’t owe anything else to the lender, there won’t be any effect on your state.

In case you cannot pay the loan back, and if you don’t inform the lender on time, there are going to be repercussions. The longer you wait, and the more difficult you are to reach, the bigger the chances are of this affecting your score. Keep in mind that after a while you will be forced to pay the additional fees that are not just the interest, so you will have to deal with other officials, not just the agents from the service where you got your loan.

Keep in mind that the service where you seek financial support is going to play a huge role as well. Some services, such as SpeedyCash are there for their customers to provide the best support, help, and even advice, but know that not every agent and service is going to be upfront and helpful. There are those places that are going to try and get as much cash from you as possible, and they are going to give you impossible conditions. Look for a transparent service that will try to help you in your times of need without putting an additional strain on your finances.

Will it stay on your report?


Another question that many people have is if this type of money borrowing is going to show up on your report, even if it does not affect it. The short answer to this question is yes, more often than not, it will show up.

However, depending on the agency that you’ve chosen for this purpose, it may get removed sooner or later. It is said that this type of support can stay on your report for up to six years, though the time can vary depending on many things.

As long as you have paid it on time, and as long as there were no other issues with it, it should be permanently removed within five or six years. After that time, it will not be shown anywhere on your record.

In case you had issues replaying it, and if it affected your score, then it may stay on your account for longer than half a dozen years. You can talk to your agent, or you can talk to a financial advisor o what you can do to get it removed from your report. In most cases, just because you have it as information on your account, it should not cause you any issues, but if you missed payments and if there were other issues, then the next lender may not want to give you cash.

The rule of thumb is that you should never take out cash that you cannot return, and if you know that this month you will not be able to pay your sum back, then you should make sure the lender knows far before you miss the payment. If you need more cash than just a few hundred bucks, explore other options.

These loans are extremely practical, they can be taken out within 24 hours, and you don’t have to go through excessive checks and have to wait to get approved for days and even weeks. They are perfect for individuals who need a bit of financial support and that need to just make it to the end of the month. They are a great solution if you want to patch a hole or two here and there, and they are much better and easier to get than any other type of loan. In addition to this, this type of funding will not affect your score at all as long as you pay them back on time. If you have a loan that you need to pay back as soon as possible, but if you don’t think you are going to make it on time, make sure you talk to the lender and see if there is anything you can do before it is too late.

However, if you are in need of a quick and easy loan but don’t have good credit, or you need a small loan to tide you over until your next paycheck arrives, is the perfect website for you. Here, you can find loans that have no credit check required and borrow money in just a few minutes. If you need cash advances, you can get them here too – instant approval and all! Best of all, these loans are usually quite affordable, so you can easily afford to repay them.

Consider all of your options, talk to a financial advisor, and remember that there is no shame in asking for help during these difficult times.