Deafening silence when Israel converts Al-Ahmar Mosque into bar

NEW DELHI: Previously on Fri., the Turkish State Council annulled the Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia status informing its utilize as anything different than a mosque has been “not possible legally”.

Following this, there is a world-wide condemnation over the conversion of the 1,500 yr. old historical website into a mosque in Turkey.

Even Pope Francis is 1 of multiple religious & political chiefs around the world those have criticised the move.

The Globe Council of Churches has named on President Erdogan to reverse the call. The Church in Russia, house to the globe’s highest Orthodox Christian society, immediately expressed regret that the Turkish court hadn’t taken its issues into account(a/c) when ruling on Hagia Sophia.

It’s also drawn condemnation from Greece, & UNESCO stated its Globe Heritage Committee would as of now review the monument’s status.


Although, there has been a deafening silence when Israel converted centuries-old Palestinian mosque was converted into a bar & events hall in 2019 by a firm related to the municipality of Safed.

The historical mosque, that has been occupied by this Jewish in 1948 turned from Al-Ahmar (Red) mosque to Khan al-Ahmarin an occupied Palestinian town within the northern Safed dist..

The mosque that has been constructed in 1276, is having rare historic & architectural worth has been well-established by this Mameluke Sultan Al Daher Baibars [1223-1277 AD), as per historian & Safed local Dr. Mustafa Abbasi.

The mosque was repurposed multiple times within the Arab city.

It has been 1st transformed into a Jewish educational institution, afterwards utilized as a centre for election campaigns in 2006. Thereafter, the mosque has been changed into a clothing store & finally into a bar & a wedding hall.

Israeli Jews & warriors have altered most mosques & Palestinian endowments.

The Gulf News in 2019 said that different historic mosques, cemeteries & different religious websites have similar stories.

They’re either converted into nightclubs (or) exploded.

Constructed in 1319, a Greek mosque has been transformed into an art gallery where praying is forbidden.