Covid-19 is a fact and we have to live with it: Dr. Faheem Younus

Maryland(MD) (USA): The Head of the Infectious Disease Clinic from that University of Maryland(MD) in America, Dr. Faheem Younus tweets practical steps that we could follow to fight the the infection. He suggests everybody not to panic, for it’ll make personal life unnecessarily tough. COVID-19-19 is a truth & we’ve to live with it, he states.

As records had originally recommended that the infection going to lessen its impact within the summer, this is not the complaint. The infection is spreading quickly in nations where there is summer, like Argentina & Brazil. The other myth linked to combating the infection is drinking-water. All 1 going to have to accomplish is going to the toilet frequently. It just doesn’t support.

Precautionary steps

Dr. Faheem suggests the following steps that going to be quiet useful & are extra useful than just panicking. The finest technique for protecting ourselves over the infection is to retain a gap of 1-Two metres & keep hand washing. There is no want to disinfect the surfaces in case there is no COVID-19-19 contaminated human within the home.

Demonstrating us the positive side, he encourages to wash hands & live our personal life as usual from cargo packs, petrol pumps, shopping trolleys (or) ATMs don’t cause infection. Meal doesn’t infect us either so there is no want to fear the risk of transmission although meal orders. 1 could heat it up in microwave of they need.

When 1 loses their own smell, it may be using different viral infections (or) allergies. This symptom is not particular to COVID-19-19.


Dr. Faheem confesses that purity & cleanliness should be retained as they’re acts of virtue. Simultaneously, he emphasizes that it mustn’t grow into paranoia. There is no want to alter clothes (or) have a bath right after coming house from outdoor. From this infection transmits only using close contact, we could still have our strolls in gardens & parks, awhile keeping gap.

Dr Faheem states that he was functioning over viruses for 20 yrs. & drip infections don’t work (5) like this; the possibility of bringing COVID-19-19 to your house using your shoes is as less as getting struck by lightning twice a day! This infection is associated with droplets of infection, just like the flu.


He furthermore states that we can’t be protected from that infection by drinking vinegar, ginger, soda and so on. He calls wearing gloves a bad idea from the infection could accumulate on the glove. Hence it’s finest to wash hands often.

Most importantly, this is a infection, not a bacterium. So utilizing anti-bacterial soap is not required. We could utilize regular soaps as well. This infection doesn’t choose citizens from a particular religion (or) race. It gets moved on to all citizens. So it’s important that we take (2) care of ourselves, retain gap, wash our hands & don’t ‘panic’ as it’s not going to support.