Court told New Zealand shooter planned to burn down mosques

Wellington: The white supremacist who slaughtered 51 worshippers in 2 New Zealand mosques had intended to burn down the mosques afterward, a prosecutor stated in court Mon., awhile describing 2 of those praying as creating heroic measures to block the mass shooting.

New information regarding the Mar 2019 targets have been outlined during this 1st day of a four-day sentencing hearing in the Christchurch High Court.

The hearing gave some of the families & survivors their own 1st opportunity to confront the gunman.

Confronting the Gunman

You died your own humanity, & I don’t think the globe going to forgive you for your horrible offence, stated a tearful Maysoon Salama, the mom of 33-year-old Atta Elayyan, who has been died within the targets.

You imagined you could break us. You failed miserably.


The gunman, 29-year-old Australian Brenton Harrison Tarrant, pleaded guilty in Mar to 51 counts of killing, 40 counts of attempted killing & 1 count of terrorism the 1st terrorism conviction in New Zealand’s biography.

He can becomes the 1st human in New Zealand to be sentenced to personal life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Tarrant has been took into the courtroom shackled & wearing a gray prison outfit.

Within the dock, unshackled & surrounded by 5 officials, he demonstrated little feeling during the hearing.

He occasionally looked across the room, tapped his own fingers, & seen the survivors as they spoke.

The courtroom has been only half complete because of COVID-19 distancing requirements, awhile numerous remaining seen from adjacent courtrooms where the hearing has been streamed.

Survivors & family (4) members occasionally wept & comforted every different.

The hearing started with prosecutors outlining the targets in a 26-page summary of facts, the 1st elaborated account(a/c) by officials regarding what happened that day.

Crown prosecutor Barnaby Hawes stated that 2 mos before the targets, Tarrant flew a drone directly over the Al Noor mosque, recording an aerial see of the grounds & apartments & taking note of the entry & exit doors.

Scheduled Attack

Hawes stated the gunman scheduled his own targets for when the maximum no. of worshippers have been present, & that 190 citizens have been within the Al Noor mosque for Fri. prayers on the day of the targets.

In his own car, the gunman had 6 guns 2 AR-15 rifles, 2 different rifles, & 2 shotguns, the court heard.

Gas Containers to burn down Mosques

He also took with him 4 modified gas containers that he scheduled to utilize to burn down the mosques after he completed shooting, Hawes stated. The gunman thereafter informed police he wished he’d utilized them.

Bravery of Naeem Rashid

Hawes also elaborated the bravery of Naeem Rashid, who has been died in the Al Noor mosque.

He ran in the defendant from that south-eastern corner of the room. When Mr. Rashid has been approximately one meter from that defendant, the defendant swung the AR-15 about & fired 4 shots in point-blank range, Hawes stated.

Mr Rashid smashed into the defendant & the defendant went down on 1 knee, Hawes stated, adding that Tarrant has been able to return up & shoot Rashid again.

In the 2nd mosque, Abdul Aziz chased Tarrant down the driveway screaming in him, prosecutors stated, & threw a discarded rifle in his own car, shattering a glass panel. Aziz wasn’t wounded.

Tarrant has dismissed his own lawyers & is representing himself during this sentencing, rising fears he can try to utilize the occasion as a platform to foster his own racist views.

He could choose to speak once the survivors have spoken, though the judge going to likely shut down any attempts he makes to grandstand.

New Zealand abolished the demise penalty for killing in 1961, & the longest sentence enforced from afterwards was personal life imprisonment with a min. 30-year non-parole period.

Gunman Sentence

Justice Cameron Mander going to decide on the gunman’s sentence in the end of the hearing.

The targets targetting citizens praying in the Al Noor & Linwood mosques stunned New Zealand & prompted new laws banning the deadliest types of semi-automatic weapons. They also prompted global shifts to social media(SM) procedures after the gunman livestreamed his own attack on Facebook(FB), where it has been viewed by hundreds of large number of citizens.

Prosecutors stated that after Tarrant left the Linwood mosque he scheduled to drive to the town of Ashburton & attack a 3rd mosque. However he has been rammed by 2 police officials, dragged out of his own car & detained.

Gamal Founda, the imam of the Al Noor mosque who survived the shooting, informed the court that the gunman’s actions have been misguided.

We’re a peaceful & loving society who didn’t deserve your actions, Fouda stated.

Your hatred is unnecessary. In case you’ve finished anything, you’ve took the globe society closer with your evil actions.