Cold wind from Siberia bringing record frigid weather to much of U.S.

Air out of Siberia is currently going toward a massive chunk of the USA and temperatures could be placed by it from Texas. Components of the Northeast were hit together with Erie, Pennsylvania seeing its first snow of this year with snow.

National Weather Service meteorologist Kevin Donofrio said the weather service’s National Digital Forecast Database suggests that some 200 records could fall between Wednesday and Monday.

By way of instance, the anticipated high of 23 degrees at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport of Tuesday would be placed in 1995, ” he explained.

The front is forecast to move throughout the Plains and the Upper Midwest and continue eastward and southward on Tuesday and Monday, sending temperatures plunging all the way south. It’ll bring temperatures that are January-like into some places which are currently experiencing temperatures around 30 degrees colder than normal for the season.

Donofrio said this system’s edge will bring some snow this weekend. Temperatures are predicted to maintain falling Even though the snow is forecast to cut off by Monday night.

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