Chithi 21st November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Chithi 21 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (21-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Chithi 20th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Yazini recalls requesting in case Sarada can call her mom when the series would start. Wenba requests Sevandi just how severe Sarada is regarding the seriousness of this problem & Yadini’s marriage. She requests Kavin to persuade her to marry Yazi because he never desires to.

Sewandhi tries to influence himself in vain. Wenba goes on to say that marriages are ruled in heaven. Ravi requests Wenba & Sewandhi. Ravi & Sewandhi afterwards debate just how they send Wenba to London, who disagrees with Kavin’s schedule.

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Sevandhi states that in case she doesn’t agree, they’ll abduct her. Mallika has been talking on a phone call. She collides with the waiter, she pours juice on her dress. Mallika scolds him & moves far away. The waiter picks up the tray down & moves far away. The letter written by Kavin is left there.

Gauri takes Mallika aside & threatens Yaji not to talk to Sharada, however as of now Sharada is acting like her daughter’s wedding, doing all this Marriage rituals standing within the 1st row.

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Gauri complains that even Mallika doesn’t block Sharada & Yajini maintains calling Sharada Amma. Mallika states she doesn’t like all this however is patient because she doesn’t need to create any issues in her son’s marriage.

Gauri states he doesn’t like what’s going on. Mallika states Sharada going to end the marriage. Gauri states he can’t know his own silence.

Mallika states that there is a reason behind her each action & requests her to believe. Mallika afterwards shares her frustration with religion. She states she’ll show Sarada who Mallika is after her son’s wedding.

The Sharda entire family goes on to congratulate Yazini & Kavin who don’t like Gauri & Mallika. Sarada admires Yazini who’s happy to have participated all her wedding ceremonies.

Nandini indirectly yells in Yazini to keep him safe because Kavin is beautiful & the lady is awaiting for him to snatch him. Wenba imparts Nandini a fitting answer that in case Ya Zhini maintains him close to his own heart, no 1 could snatch him far from her. Yazini states Wenba learnt to speak.

The soldier minds that Kavin is telling the fact. Sharda is in search of a entire family photo to take. Afterwards Shanmugam arrives with his own 2 sons.

Dharma sends Mallika to bring something so that she doesn’t watch Dharmamuga. Shanmugam states he’s happy to watch Yajini happy. They all take a picture together.

Nandini is roaming the corridors. She looks in Kavin’s letter. She tries to pick it up, however the wind blew it. The letter falls in Mallika’s ft, they pick it up.

Mallika reads the letter with a shocking expression. Nandini states she’s finished something big within the letter & apologizes for not reporting her. Mallika states this is a simple love letter written by Kavin for Yavin. She read it unknowingly.

She informs her to give it to Yajini. Mallika imparts Yazini a letter informing she’s identified it on the field. Yajini apologizes for requesting Gauri not to block her before reading it & telling her that she feels bad for Kavin. Mallika afterwards leaves, requesting to read the letter.

Give Gauri a letter from Yajini & safeguard it in her room. Ravi imparts Ravi amount, that is noticed by Dharma upstairs.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Friday

Ongoing Updates: 20th November 2024 / (21-11-2020)

First episode date: January 2024
Language: Tamil
Number of episodes: 110
Networks: Sun TV
Composer: Dhina

Episode Timings On TV:

All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Sun TV: 9:30pm (IST)
Sun TV HD: 9:30pm (IST)
Sun TV HD: 9:30pm
Sun TV: 9:30pm

Chithi Cast:

  • Sandhya Roy
  • Samit Bhanja
  • Ajitesh Bannerjee
  • Subrata Chatterjee
  • Rabi Ghosh

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