Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (21-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Rani States Don’t Mess With Me. I Going to Tell Kiara Regarding Your 1st Spouse. He States What? What Spouse? Rani States The 1 Who Moves Weirdly.

He States Block This Drama. Rani States I Have To Develop For Your Tale Party. Veer States Cocktail. The Party Begins. Rani Roams About. She Sees All The Arrangements. Rani States To Aarun To Service Nachos. She Sees Jai.

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Rani States I Won’t Miss My Opportunity This Time. Jai Gets A Call. He Goes Out. He Calls Someone & States You’re So Useless. You Could’t Accomplish Something So Small.

Someone Pats On His own Back. Nandani States What Is This Tension On Your Face Like You Have been Speaking To A Lady? He States What Rubbish? Nandani States I Has been Joking. He States Non-Sense Jokes.

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I Am A Prince & You’re Speaking Regarding Me Being Characterless. Veer States Is Everything Fine? He States I Reacted. It Has been A Work Call So Stress. Veer States Nothing Is Extra Important Than Entire family.

Jai States Sorry Nandani. He Kisses Her Hand. Rani States Are Our Minds Thinking The Same? He’s So Weird. Veer States You Could’t Give Him A Role Certificate. Rani States Don’t You Worry Regarding Your Sister?

He States Extra Than You Think However I Don’t Want To Inquire You. She States Prevention Is Best Than Medication. When A Lady Is Wedded In The Village We Inquire. He States Target On Your Work. Rani States In My Heart Just how Accomplish I Tell You This Person Isn’t Great.

Kiara States Rani Bring Our Drinks. Rani Brings Drinks. Rani Watch Jai & Spills Drink On The Table. Kiara States You’re So Useless & Irritating. Vikram States Relax. Arun States I Going to Gain It Cleaned.

You Got To See The Kitchen. Rani Laeves. Rani States This Person Has Some of the Evidence. Rani Collides With Shanti. The Clothes Fall. She States These Are Jai’s Clothes. They Fallen Because Of You.

Rani Sees A Parking Slip In It. She Takes It. Rani States This Parking Slip Is Of The Time When The Crash Happened. The Time Is Also The Same. I Going to Give This Evidence To Vijay. He Going to Be In Jail & My Dad Would Be Out.

Kiara Calls Rani. Kiara States Bring My Dish. She Sees Pinku & States Why Are You Peeking In? Have been You Scheduling To Hit Me With A Ball Again? He States No I Has been Just Seeing The Party. In Our Village, We Only Celebrate On Dhol. Kiara States What Did You Watch Afterwards?

He States This Party Is Boring. Kiara States So My Party Is Boing? Show Us Your Dance. Rani States He’s A Kid. He Doesn’t Dance. Kiara States Make My Party Entertaining. Nandani States Rani Come On. 1 Dance. Pinku States Everybody Is Happy. Let’s Dance. VIkram Cheers For Her.

Rani & Pinku Gain On The Floor & Begin Dancing. Rani States You Going to Go To Jail. Rajeshwari Is Getting Prepared In Her Room. Hari Sends Her A Photo. Rani Is Stunned.

He Named Her. Hari States Rani Saved You Y’day. I Going to Take My Cost. I Going to Expose Your Secret. Rajeshwari States Come To The Home & Take Your Amount Otherwise I Going to Gain You In The Missing Human’s List.

Hari Laughs & States The Housemaid Saved You & You’re Saving.. Rajeshwari Hangs Up. Rajeshwari Calls Someone & States Begin The Arrangements. I Going to Show Him Who I Am.

Rani & Pinku Are Dancing. Everybody Is Laughing. Rani Sees Them Mocking. She States Pinku Block. Veer States Block It. Veer States What Nonsense Is This? Kiara States Don’t Be A Party Popper.

We Have been Having So Much Fun. Rajeshwari Stated To Veer He Could’t Be Mad In Kiara For Low-Class Citizens. Veer Looks In Rani. Rani Requests Pinku To Block Ad Come Out With Him. He States We Have been Having So Much Fun.

Why Are You Shouting In Me? Babu Ji Isn’t With Me & You’re Shouting In Me. He Leaves. Veer States You Didn’t Have To Shout In Him. It Has been Your Error. Rani States Everything Is My Error In This City. In Village Citizens Utilized To Enjoy This Dance Of Us & Everybody Mocked Us Here.

He States This Is A City. It’s Not Like Your Village. Why Don’t You Know? Vikram States Bro Kiara Is Awaiting. Rani States Your Couple Is Made For Every Different. You’re A Prince & Princess. Veer States Sometimes A Entire family’s Happiness Is Extra Important Than Us.

You’re Doing Everything For Your Dad & I Am Doing All This For Rajeshwari. Rani States In Heart I Have To Take Babu Ji Back & Accomplish Engineering(engr.). However 1st I Have To Gain Real Criminal Behind The Bars.

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First episode date: 20 October 2024
Language: Hindi
Cast: Kkavyansh, Yajuvendra Singh, Karan Kaushal Sharma
Genre: Drama
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Cast:

  • Tanaaz Currim Irani
  • Fahman Khan
  • Anushka Sen
  • Pratish Vora
  • Yajuvendra Singh

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