China to sign $400 billion deal with Iran; India’s interest at stake

New Delhi: 2 weeks from India(In) banned Chinese Apps, Beijing has composed a thunderstruck cope with India(In)’s ally & America’s foe – Iran. The 2 nations going to end up signing a $400 billion economic & security strategic partnership deal.

The 18-page settlement of a multi-billion dollar deal going to be inscribed for 25 yrs.

Investment areas

Once signed, China could invest in not just in 1 (or) 2 areas however around the Iranian economy involving banking, telecommunications, ports & railways areas. Over a dozen projects going to go to Chinese businesses.


Beijing in repatriate going to receive oil in a heavily discounted rate for 25 yrs..


The deal allegedly includes joint training & exercises, joint study & weapons development (devt), even intelligence spreading in the context of the settlement.

Chabahar port

Chabahar port is witnessed as India(In)’s counter to the Gwadar port in Pakistan(PAK) that is part of China’s Belt & Road initiative(BRI). The port may lose its relevance with China investing in Iran.

The Iran-China settlement allegedly hasn’t being submitted for Parliament’s sanction yet & hasn’t being made people. China hasn’t revealed the information of the deal yet as well.

Although, Iran is not hiding the truth that it’s negotiating the settlement with China. On Jul 5, Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif indicated regarding the deal.

India(In) & Iran have enjoyed a close relationship. India(In) has been one such largest buyers of Iranian oil however New Delhi suspended purchasing oil from Iran in 2019 after the United States slapped sanctions over Iran & denied to grant any waivers to India(In).