Charminar Becomes TikTok Shooting Spot After Unlock 1.0

Hyderabad(Hyd): After the govt declared the lock-down relaxation & permitted all these companies to re-open, numerous are unhappy with the call. They’re insisting for a lock-down to be enforced again because of the spike in COVID-19 instances in Hyderabad(Hyd).

However for TikTokers, the relaxation appears to be a chance to gain popular on social media(SM) & they seem as they seem to be unaware of the COVID-19 outburst.

Though there is no prohibition on taking pictures (or) creating video clips near Charminar. Hence, its surroundings are as of now a hub for TikTokers.

Courtesy: Siasat

The historical Charminar is no longer the location it has been for tourists, shoppers, & worshippers as the Laad Bazar, Nimrah Restaurant, Makkah Masjid downed their own shutters because of the COVID-19 scare in this city.

After they announced a ‘self-lockdown,’ it appears to be like the Irani Chai joints, famous Bengal stores & pearl shops of Charminar have disappeared. By taking advantage of the deserted surroundings of the structure, numerous teens have changed the historical Charminar into a shooting location for recording video clips for different social applications — specially TikTok.

When Siasat reporter spoke to the police officials deployed near Charminar, they stated, “No timings have been fixed for shooting video clips near Charminar. It’s as of now becomes quite common throughout day time & even in night hours. TikTokers are prepared to make video clips, although we try to warn them not to accomplish such things however they say we’ve come to report a social sms. Some of the say that their own work (5) involves social media(SM).”

The Charminar that habituated to witness large number of visitors daily filled with street vendors, push carts, clients & tourists from the Janta Curfew. The monument is deserted even after the relaxation. The Charminar doesn’t look anything like its pre-pandemic self specially discussing the scarcity of citizens about it. Though it does feel like that bit with TikTokers who come to shoot their own video clips.

1 could observe that youngsters are creating video clips as in case they’re shooting a film. A crowd of 5 to 6 with props like chairs, table, cycles are publishing these video clips on social media(SM) platforms like TikTok, Instagram & Facebook(FB) with the hashtags #Hyderabad(Hyd), #Hyderabadi, #Hyderabadi_Nawabs & #Charminar.

A street vendor who sells bangles on a push cart near Charminar stated, “These citizens are asking for chairs & tables as props. There is no business & we’re being entertained by watching such citizens who make video clips.”

Even although police officials inquire them to wear masks throughout filming, citizens are taking these precautions as granted.

The video footage concept they visualise are on the basis of Bollywood songs, Hyderabadi films, negative roles performed by Sanjay Dutt, Vivek Oberoi from Shootout in Lokhandwala, Salman Khan as Radhe in Wanted & and so on.

A young TikToker who has been creating a video footage near Charminar stated “Previously there has been no place nearby monument as it has been surrounded by vendors. As of now that they were eliminated, we’re creating video clips. There is nothing unfair in creating any video footage in Charminar, nor are we creating any problem. In 10 minutes, we’ll wrap up our shoot & leave the region,” he added further.