Car Key Replacement vs. Dealerships: Why Locksmiths Are the Smarter Choice

Losing your key or having a broken piece of it inserted in the ignition point of a car is both worrisome and annoying. However, if you often find yourself in a situation where you cannot find your car’s key, having the contact details of a dealership or a locksmith might help. If you live in Kansas City and own multiple cars, having the details of a locksmith in Kansas City is useful.

Going With A Local Locksmith When It Comes To Lost Car Keys


Replacing a lost car key with a new one is essential, but deciding whether you want to go the dealership route or just call a locksmith near you needs some consideration. Going to a locksmith near you has its own set of advantages, and some of them are discussed in this blog post.

A Locksmith Is Way More Affordable Than Dealership

A local locksmith is way more affordable than replacing a car key through the dealership. There are several reasons why the dealers charge as much as they do. Dealers are privy to the latest technology changes used by car manufacturing units. They are more trusted and reliable, so they have a long list of customers waiting for their services. As a result, they can quote higher prices and still get customers willing to pay that amount.

However, if you have a limited budget and do not want to spend a lot on replacing a car key, you can contact a local locksmith. Moreover, if you have lost a bunch of car keys at the same time, contacting a locksmith will not only be cheaper but also way more convenient.

Dealing With A Locksmith Is Easier

Getting a car key replaced through a dealership is a tedious process, and getting a new key involves a long waiting time. If you are going to a dealer, you need to gather the following details or documents to get a new key.

  • The make and model of the car.
  • Documents proving that you are the owner of the vehicle. The registration papers for the vehicle, your driving license, and any other papers that may be useful in proving that you are the lawful owner of the car. Proof of ownership is necessary because a dealer does not want to facilitate a burglar in any way whatsoever.

Once you have all the relevant details about your car, find out the local dealer in your vicinity.

Then you must contact the dealer and explain your situation to them. Also, it is prudent to ask about the costs involved, as you do not want to be shocked later on.

Getting your vehicle’s key replaced through the dealership route involves all the steps mentioned above. But if you are to contact a locksmith, all you need to do is look up the details of a locksmith near you on the internet and ask them to come and help you out.

Expertise In Dealing With Keys

One of the major reasons why people prefer to go to a dealer when they want a replacement for their lost key is because they trust the expertise of the technicians. But a locksmith who has handled keys for several years is a master craftsman who can make exact replicas of the lost key, and that too in very little time.

If your vehicle is of a modern make, getting its key replaced may not be a problem, but if you have an old model, you may have to trust a traditional locksmith. Traditional locksmiths are experts when it comes to handling old cars, whereas a dealer may have restricted expertise with old models.

Getting Emergency Service

If you are stuck in an emergency situation, getting a new car key via the dealership route is not an option. For instance, if you are sitting inside your vehicle and part of the key is stuck inside, and the other part gets broken. You cannot start the vehicle unless and until you remove the broken part that is stuck inside.

In such a situation, you neither have the time to contact a local dealer nor will the dealer provide additional services like removing the broken piece. Hence, for emergency situations and for additional services like removing parts of a broken key or getting multiple copies of a given key, it is better to contact a local locksmith.

Steps That You Must Take When Hiring A Locksmith For Replacing Your Car Keys


As you have seen, hiring a local locksmith has several advantages; the only disadvantage is that a dealer gives you a warranty for the new key. Also, with modern smart keys that are programmable, most people trust the dealer. However, if you want quick, convenient, and affordable service, contacting an experienced locksmith near you is the best option.

Here are the things that you must keep in mind when hiring a locksmith

  • Ask for proof of the identity of the person who will be making the new key. When a person replicates your car’s key, he may create another replica and use it for any wrongdoing.
  • Hire an experienced person so that the job gets done properly.
  • Check out the online reviews and reputation of the person before hiring someone.
  • If you are stuck in an emergency situation and need to get out of the car fast, look for someone who provides emergency services (i.e., reaches the spot within an hour).



There are several advantages to hiring a local locksmith to replace a lost or broken car key. Traditional locksmiths have a lot of experience, and they are much more affordable than getting a replacement from a recognized dealer. Also, if you have an old model, a dealer might not be able to help you at all. So, depending on your specific needs and your budget, you must make a choice between a dealer and a local locksmith.