Can Canadian Online Casinos Be Rigged in 2024?

Back in the old days, many people associated casino owners with shady mobsters and con men, largely thanks to their portrayal in movies such as Casino or Ocean’s Eleven. While times have changed, with more players switching to online casinos, some people are still wary of casinos and are pondering if it’s possible to rig the games.

After all – the games are 100% rendered digitally, and no one can take a peek at the underlying code. Therefore this question is completely valid. That’s why we asked our guest casino analyst Daniel Bennet to shed light on this and help Canadian players understand what goes on at online casinos. He will also provide casino winning tips that will come in handy when you play casino games, be it on PC, mobile or even your smartwatch.

Online Casino Rigging — The Facts


As online gambling becomes more popular, and players of various walks of life are beginning to play, we must admit that scammers and fraudsters are taking notice of this too. There are problematic casinos out there and usually, they are not licensed. These illegally operating sites may offer games with altered code which makes the games no longer fair.

Players are unable to identify these games because they look exactly like the ones offered by licensed online casinos. These games are designed to go against you and from the get-go, you’re already set up to fail. However, if you play at a casino that’s licensed by a reputable institution, such as UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority, you can rest assured that the games use audited random number generation algorithms that eliminate any possibility of rigging.

Red Flags To Watch Out For


When choosing a casino, there are certain red flags that will indicate that the site is untrustworthy. If you encounter any of these, we suggest packing your bags and never looking back!

1. Suspicious Personal Data Requests

Every online casino needs the personal information of players to create an account and also for verification purposes. But when this request includes suspiciously specific info like banking PIN or social media links, then know you’ve just encountered a phishing site.

2. Delayed Payments

Winning is already a herculean task in fraudulent casinos, but if you manage to win, your payment will be delayed and in most cases, it won’t be paid.

3. Low RTP

RTP means Return to Player and it’s a figure that explains how much money can you expect to win back over a longer period of time. Legit casinos usually take a small portion of the bet and distribute the rest to the players. Rigged casinos do the opposite. They lower the RTP so much so that they can profit the most from every bet and leave little or nothing to the gamers.

4. Unresponsive Customer Support

A rigged casino will try as much as possible to avoid communicating with you. This is why their help desk is frequently unreachable. Some fraud sites will deliberately waste your time, forwarding you from agent to agent, while others make the support channels as obscure and hard to use as possible to discourage you from even trying.

Now, What’s The Way Out?


If you want to avoid rigged casinos, then you must thoroughly research your casino of choice before signing up.. Read reviews of the online casino you want to join to find its advantages and disadvantages. Also, search for user opinions. They will provide you with an unfiltered review of the casino and from what you read you will be able to decide if it’s good for you or not.

If you require the best online casino review tool in Canada, then there’s no better one than This website contains licensed and regulated online casinos that serve Canadian players. The casinos were subjected to various tests before their selection, including safety and profitability, in which they excelled in flying colours.

Online Casino Winning Tips


So, you’ve found a credible online casino to gamble at — what’s next? You need strategies to win at the casino and we have the best ones for you. See them below:

• Don’t Chase Losses: If you are losing your bets, resist the urge to bet higher to recover them. This could lead to more losses, one your bankroll may not recover from.
• Use bonuses: Online casinos offer bonuses regularly. Don’t ignore them. Claim as many as you can and use them to bet instead of putting your money at risk all the time.
• Quit while you’re ahead: If your bets are going your way, know when to quit and walk away with your winnings. Have a target before you start playing and when it’s met, end the gambling session.
• Play demo games: These are free games that you can use to perfect your skills. When you become a better player, then you can return to real money games.
• Avoid intoxicants: Never gamble when you’re not thinking straight. This will lead to mistakes that could have been avoided if only you had a clear head.


Rigged online casinos are the bane of the gambling industry. Thankfully, you can train skills of spotting these sites and knowing how to avoid them, with the help of our expert tips.