BJP wants J-K to get full statehood again: Ram Madhav

New Delhi: Domestic Gen. Secretary Ram Madhav is one such BJP’s high-profile faces. From becoming spokesman of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in 2003, he’s subsequently being within the information not only within the nation however also within the Intl. media as the face of the saffron party.

In that time, he has been also called something of a global ambassador of the RSS. After spending a long time within the RSS, he has been appoited Domestic Gen. Secretary within the BJP in 2014. From afterwards, he’s overseen party operations in from Jammu & Kashmir to north-east affairs. He’s a key strategist who performed a major role in BJP’s outreach within the north-east.

It’s a result of his own measures that numerous states within the north-east where BJP didn’t have a presence, today have BJP govts. Madhav, 56, a resident of AP, had an engineering(engr.) education before becoming an RSS ‘pracharak’.

In a special interview to IANS on Fri., Madhav spoke openly on problems ranging from Jammu & Kashmir to the China border problem & Nepal.

Madhav, on the query of restoring complete statehood to Jammu & Kashmir, stated that his own party supports it. He stated, “BJP’s Jammu & Kashmir unit is of the opinion that statehood must be given back when the time is favourable. We need Jandamp;K to be restored to a complete state’s status. H.M Amit Shah himself stated awhile granting UT status that work (5) would be finished to gain complete statehood back quite shortly. The Assembly is yet to be constituted & delimitation for UT is pending.”

On the query of restarting political activity within the valley, he stated that majority of the arrested chiefs were declared. Madhav stated, “BJP wants all chiefs to act as bridges between administration & people by attending in political operations, however all big chiefs of PDP, Domestic Conference, Congress are sitting inside their own homes.

Congress chiefs aren’t even detained so they must answer why they’re not taking part in political operations. Political activity going to begin when Assembly elections are conducted.”

On the query linked to the fear of homecoming amongst the Kashmiri Pandits after the previous killing of sarpanch Ajay Pandita, Madhav stated that the House Ministry is looking into the overall issue. He stated, “Unless we’re able to assure both security & respect there, it’ll not be possible for the Kashmiri Pandits to go return to the Valley. Only the formation of colonies can’t result in the repatriate of the Pandits.”

On the query of why the BJP formed the govt in Jandamp;K with the PDP, Madhav stated that in case the BJP hadn’t formed the govt, the Assembly election would’ve should be conducted again. Although, there have been some of the benefits & some of the disadvantages of forming a govt with the PDP. The govt fallen 3 yrs. thereafter after the BJP withdrew help.

Madhav stated that after the removal of Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir, there has been quite little opposition from that people. He stated the citizens have realized that because of Article 370, the personal prosperity of the Kashmiri chiefs only rised, however the people didn’t benefit. As of now the people’s attitude is looking positive.

Veteran Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s resignation has been described by Madhav as the result of Hurriyat’s internal politics. He stated that Geelani’s resignation won’t be able to cover up his own political misdeeds of the last 30 yrs. as large number of youths passed away within the valley for that Geelani is accountable.

Madhav also spoke on the problem of China. He stated that China has an old habit of land grabbing, however the Modi govt has given a befitting reply within the last five yrs.. After all, what’s the resolution to the border dispute with China? On this query, Madhav stated that the govt is functioning on 2 fronts in specific.

Emphasis is being laid on proactive diplomacy & powerful field positioning. Awhile there have been talks on the military & diplomatic level, the govt is also dedicated to protect each inch of our land. Each possible step is being taken to make sure that the Galwan Valley incident doesn’t recur again.

Madhav stated that from the formation of the Modi govt, India(In) was stringent about the border policy. About the 2017 Doklam incident & the previous Galwan Valley incident, he stated, “China has been also surprised by our strength in Doklam. China has been afterwards trying to gain closer to the Chicken’s Neck region, however India(In) gave a befitting reply, & the plot wasn’t permitted to succeed. China wanted us to delete our troops, however the Modi govt had made it evident that the troops wouldn’t withdraw till China eliminated the building nearby border.”

Madhav stated that this time also when China attempted to enter into LAC, they have been physically suspended. And also utilized rods & stones. “Tragically, 20 of our warriors have been martyred. However India(In) has sent a sms to China that we’ll not permit China’s move to occupy the border quietly.”

Why has the friendly nation Nepal stood up over India(In)? On this query, Madhav stated that even today Nepal may be creating some of the anti-India(In) affirmations, however this won’t impact relations between the 2 nations.

Though this is not the for the first time, as such incidents have happened numerous times from the days of the monarchy in Nepal. He stated, “When the king has been ruling in Nepal, he habituated to oppose Nehru. Based on past & present experiences, I could say that much of the reason for Nepal’s opposition to India(In) is internal. When there is an internal issue in case it happens, afterwards the govt there feels it could focus India(In). “

However the BJP gen. secretary made it evident that relations between India(In) & Nepal going to remain as powerful as ever.