Barrister Babu 1st December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Barrister Babu 1 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (1-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Barrister Babu 1st December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With A kicking of the binoy collar & shouting that it won’t happen: Anirudh Chudhari’s son & he could’t be witnessed as anybody else. Anirudh tries to calm him down.

Saudamini claps & afterwards moves to Anirudh, throws the collar back on him & requests in case she must support him wear it.

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She laughs in the small blackboard that Bondita Anirudh has captured with the ladies. She shows it to Greenwood, laughing.Greenwood requests Anirudh to wear a dog collar. He moves towards him with a rope & is regarding to hit him however something stops him.

When Greenwood turns about, he sees Bondita & the different ladies holding the rope. Anirudh & Binoy smile in them. Bondita sings “Hum Honge Kamab” & the ladies join her.

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Anirudh recalls & sings a song with Bondia. The ladies pull the rope within the clutches of Greenwood & walk beside Anirudh & Binoy. Saurabh is with him. They all sing together ahead of Greenwood & Soudamini.

Trilochan & peasants come there too. Anirudh is happy to watch them. Trilochan states he’s thankful for Bondita.Anirudh has declared that the challenge going to as of now start.

Trilochan is now in the character of Shank. Greenwood states the challenge initiated however they’re celebrating winning. Saudaamini states his own old habit is to forget that the game has just initiated.

Anirudh states this is not a game. They shout “Vande Mataram”.Principals come & present Greenwood as the competition judge.

Trilochan requests in case he could trust them because he’s the principal of an English educational institution & receives salaries from English.

However, Anirudh states he was taught & he’s sure to be faithful. He knows that principals believe that ladies must stay in house, that in case ladies win it’ll be a double victory for him: ladies going to have enter & the principal’s thinking going to alter.The principals need the 2 groups to meet 1st. Saudamini calls the boys.

Someone throws the javelin in the ladies who lift a little sand so they begin to cough. Soudamini presents him: he’s an avid & he’s a pro in javelin starts & studies.

After him, the fact comes & he’s a great footballer. Gautam, Shubhu & Powerful Bhim come after the fact. Vinod moves in, requesting in case the ladies could watch the stars within the daytime. Anirudh feels that the boys’ tandem is powerful so he’s to work tough to make the ladies his own level.

The ladies inquire the principals to present themselves. Saudamini states he’s a loser & laughs with his own tandem. Trilochan wondered in case he’d made a error by creating ladies compete with such boys.

Bondita presents the ladies & herself & states that she’s not going to educational institution however she could handle the kitchen & relationships & they’ve a relationship with the stars & the moon.

She’s sure she’ll win because she knows she could learn from that heart. Anirudh applauds & states that the ladies win the Mahabharata because this war is not for their own past (or) present however for the future.Principals say they see the intelligence & power of groups: The 1st is intelligence.

Greenwood interrupts him & the ladies lose only the 1st 1, so he states why must they waste time.2 nice books on common sense are took. In case Saudamini has 1 for his own tandem, Anirudh going to take 1 for his own tandem.

The principals release that the competition for common knowledge going to take place some days thereafter, & within the meanwhile the dual groups should develop themselves.

He wishes them well.The next in the morning, Trilochan tied a string on Bondita’s wrist & stated she has been Arjun, awhile Anirudh has been her Krishna. They say ladies must also practise & win. Bondita requests the string to be tightened & assures not to break it. He states that Tulsipura & Anirudh won’t let them lose. She requests Durga Person to support her.

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Ongoing Updates: 1st December 2024 / (1-12-2020)

First episode date: 11 February 2024
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 87
Directed by: Shashi Sumeet Mittal, Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal
Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

Episode Timings On TV:

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Colors TV: 8:30 pm(IST)
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Colors TV: 7:35 am, 8:35 pm

Barrister Babu Cast:

  • Pravisht Mishra
  • Aura Bhatnagar
  • Pranali Rathod
  • Aurra Bhatnagar Badon

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