Bahrain: Shura Council Signed MoU with ARADO

Manama: The Shura Council has officially signed an MoU (memorandum of understanding) with the ARADO (Arab Organisation for Administrative Development)– an offset of the Arab League.

The deal was secured by Shura Council President Ali Al Saleh.

That the Shura Council’s keenness was emphasized by Mr Al Saleh on strengthening co-operation with administrative growth to get legislation and the legislations.

He underlined the role of the Arab Organisation for Administrative Development (ARADO) in building seminars and holding assignments and actions in all areas, as well as profiting from the ARADO services.

He emphasized the value of the memorandum of knowledge in training courses and workshops and conventions, besides establishing connections of partnerships with all both centers and organisations.

ARADO is a top non-profit organization. ARADO was set with the aid of progressing and promoting administrative growth.

The General Assembly is the key body. All member states are represented at the General Assembly. The Executive Council is composed.

The Executive Council is responsible for managing and developing and also for the management of the operations of ARADO the execution of company plans and ARADO coverage. The Director-General is the head of this organisation.

The General Assembly appoints his deputy for a period of four decades and the Director General. The Director General oversees its own programs and actions, also formulates ARADO policies. ARADO has supplied over 200 consultancy solutions such as governmental bodies and ministries.

In any case, over 7000 Trainers are trained by ARADO. Ties join ARADO with over 600 associations. ARADO implemented applications and developed co-operation connections between global and regional organisations.

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