Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (30-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Rani has been doing preparations for pooja. Jay’s mom Malini notices that & requests why she’s doing this when the daughter-in-law of this home must accomplish this .

Rani states she could’t lie to her & has been regarding to disclose her identity to her however Jay interrupts & lies to his own mom informing Veer’s spouse doesn’t well accomplish Rani doing this.

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He states Rani may seem like this however she’s important human of this entire family & states she’s the number 1 servant here.

Malini states in case daughter-in-law is unwell afterwards it’s fine & praises Rani’s preparations. She imparts plenty of amount as blessings to Rani.

Prev. Episode: Read Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th December 2024 Written Episode

Rani apologize to her & states she could’t accept this. Malini states it’s just her blessings so Rani could accept this. Rani informs her to pray for her in case she desires to bless her afterwards & states Jay doesn’t appears to be her son.

Malini laughs hearing her & states from childhood he has been naughty & informs him to gain prepared for pooja & leaves from there. Jay informs Rani to curb her anger.

Rani taunts him & states she’s doing pooja preparations for Rajmata. She states she’ll fulfil her responsibilities as daughter-in-law of this home however she won’t let Jay marry Nanthini.

She imagines what going to happen when Jay’s parents going to gain to really know regarding the fact of her. Kumud informs Dikvijay that Veer is tensed regarding Nanthini’s marriage so he must discuss his own opinion also. He yells in her & threatens her to not interfere in his own entire family matters.

Rajmata who had come there requests Dikvijay that what happened to him. However he yells in her so she has been regarding to leave the room however he stops her & apologize to her informing everything is okay. She informs him to gain prepared for pooja.

Pooja has been regarding to start so Malini requests regarding Veer’s spouse. Jay states pooja is their own priority as of now so she could meet her thereafter.

Priest starts the pooja. Padmini has been regarding to sit for pooja however Malini stops her informing she could’t attend in this pooja. Rajmata states Padmini is part of their own entire family so Malini could’t offend her like this. Malini states Padmini is widow so as per her tradition she could’t attend in this pooja.

Padmini feels bad hearing her. Vikram takes stand for Padmini however Dikvijay stops him. Rani informs Malini that she desires to say something & takes stand for Padmini. She states crash happened with Padmini’s spouse however they didn’t got his own body so just how could Padmini believe that her spouse passed away.

She states Padmini awaits for her spouse’s repatriate. Malini states wedded lady’s does this pooja for their own spouse. Rani states Parvati did pooja for Shivji even although she resided far from him. She states Padmini has all this rights to attend in this pooja.

Jay’s dad agrees with Rani. Rani pleads Malini let Padmini sit in this pooja. Malini praises Rani & informs Padmini to sit for pooja. Pooja starts & Padmini looks in Rani. Thereafter Padmini recalls just how Malini suspended her & also just how Rani taken a stand for her. Rani imparts prasad to Padmini.

Padmini apologizes to Rani & states she all the time offended her & her entire family however today she taken a stand for her ahead of everybody.

Rani states she just desires her blessings & informs her to not cry. Padmini hugs Rani & has been regarding to present her to Malini however stops seeing Rajeshwari.

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Genre: Drama
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