Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (21-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Apna Time Bhi Aayega 19th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Rani drives madly. Tinku states Hukum please open your eyes. He runs out. Tinku sees Champa & Jai together. They watch him. rani comes in with Veer drunk.

Rani states what are you doing here? Why are you so worried? He states Sanjay isn’t well & I saw.. He states just how going to I tell her? Veer maintains falling. rani states to Kiara this isn’t a joke support me please.

Veer sees Sanjay on the floor & is stunned. Veer states papa. He falls. Rani states please safeguard him. She shows him meds. He states I could’t watch it. Rani states tell me the name. Rani imparts him that medicine. Rani cries & prays for Sanjay.

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Vikram & Rajmata are on their own way. Vikram states all fine? She states something doesn’t feel right. Didn’t speak to Sanjay. Thaal falls from her hand. She states this isn’t a great sign. Veer passes out. rani states please accomplish something. His own breaths are racing out. Kiara states what are you doing? Uncle gain up. Rani checks Sanjay’s pulse & is stunned.

Rani states Hukum.. She tries to gain up Veer however he’s moved out. Padmini comes house. She states where is everybody? She hears Rani screaming. Veer shows Rani a picture of CPR & states pump his own heart. Rani imparts him CPR. Padmini comes in. She states what’s going on here? What happened to him? Jeja sa gain up. Rani states got a heart attack.

Rani states to Veer he isn’t responding. He informs her just how to accomplish it. Padmini calls the doctor. Rani maintains granting him CPR. He opens his own eyes. Rajmata & Vikram come. Rajmata states what happened to him? Padmini states Sanjay got a heart attack, Veer is drunk. Padmini states I’ve named the doctor. They put Veer on the bed. Rajmata requests Vikram to take Veer to his own room.

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Tinku states please come Rani. I’m so scared. Jai comes there in search of him. Tinku hides within the bed. Jai leaves. Tinku comes out. Jai puts a shoe in his own face. Tinku states please forgive me. Jai states you have been playing conceal & seek so I had come to play with you. Let’s play the other game. H takes out a knife. Tinku states please leave me. Let me go.

He hits a knife between his own fingers. Jai states don’t shout. In case you say anything I’ll cut your hands. Vikram states bro drink lemonade. These are my things. What are you doing? He drowns Veer’s face within the water. Veer comes in senses. Nandani states papa, what happened to him? Rajmata states he’s best. Where is Veer? The doctor states he’d a heart attack however he’s out of danger.

Rajmata states appreciate you. He states appreciate the human who gave him CPR. They saved his own personal life. Sanjay states Veer come here. Veer holds his own ft & states I failed papa. I failed again, I couldn’t safeguard you. Sanjay states don’t cry. Veer states you required me. I has been drunk. Sanjay states don’t cry. Padmini states this has been severe.

Anything can happen. We must appreciate the human who gave you CPR & saved your personal life. Nandani states who gave him CPR? Rani states when I had come to his own room, I gave him water. He fallen on the floor. Padmini states let it be. I’m grateful to you forever. In my eyes, your respect has rised. You proved that you love this entire family. In case anything happened to him what would I tell my didi. I need to hug you & appreciate you. She hugs Kiara in place of Nandani. Rani is stunned. Padmini states in her heart I won’t let you take such big of a credit.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Friday

Ongoing Updates: 19th December 2024 / (21-12-2020)

First episode date: 20 October 2024
Language: Hindi
Cast: Kkavyansh, Yajuvendra Singh, Karan Kaushal Sharma
Genre: Drama
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

Episode Timings On TV:

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Zee TV: 9:00 PM (IST)
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Zee TV: 9:00 PM

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Cast:

  • Tanaaz Currim Irani
  • Fahman Khan
  • Anushka Sen
  • Pratish Vora
  • Yajuvendra Singh

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