Barrister Babu 10th September 2024 Written Update: Bondita and Sampoorna decides to meet Brijvasi

Today’s daily episode begins with Sampoorna telling to Bondita that she’s boss of the home therefore she’s to address her as madam. Bondita states she don’t know such thing & only really know Sampoorna is her sister. Sampoora cries & states except ending her personal life she’s not left with any different option. Bondita requests Sampoorna not to think that way, as ending personal life is not any resolution. Sampoorna feels helpless. Bondita states she’ll talk with her in laws. Sampoorna states no utilize because after she’ll talk with them they’ll block for a awhile however won’t give her respect & place in Saurabh’s personal life. Bondita imagines to talk regarding the same with Anirudh. Sampoorna requests Bondita not to tell anybody. She also discloses to her that after completing dowry maybe her in laws going to melt.

Bondita requests Sampoorna regarding the dowry. Sampoorna clarifies her. Bondita after hearing Sampoorna states she’ll inquire Anirudh to educate her so much that she deletes the word dowry from every lady personal life. Sampoorna wishes great to Bondita. She furthermore states to leave everything on God afterwards. Bondita than recalls regarding Brijvasi & rules to meet him.

There, Anirudh tries to cheer Mini & requests Mini in case she don’t mind dancing with him. Mini agrees & gift Anirudh dancing dress. Anirudh wears it. Mini gets smitten seeinghim.

There, Bondita seeks Batuk’s support. She requests Batuk to keep his own assure & full her homework until she repatriates back house. Batuk unwillingly agrees to accomplish Bondita’s work (5). Bondita covers Batuk with her saree & requests Batuk to full the work (5) given by Anirudh.

Different side, Mini decked by like a doll & Anirudh gets mesmerized seeing her too. Mini dreams of dancing with Anirudh. Return to reality, Anirudh begins the dance however leaves Mini within the amid thinking regarding Bondita. He imagines to see Bondita whether she’s studying (or) not. He peeks into research & imagines Bondita is doing homework however it has been Batuk. Mini sees Anirudh standing in the window & stands stunned.

Meantime, Bondita with Sampoorna tries to flee the home hiding from all. Daily episode ends with Trilochan blocking Bondita’s way.

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