Anupamaa 23rd December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Anupama 23 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (23-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Anupama 23rd December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Anu happily reports Baa & Bapuji that she got a educational institution teacher’s job & needs to join on first of next mo. Bapuji happily blesses her awhile Baa doesn’t look happy. Mamaji jokes.

Toshu congratulates Anu. Baa requests just how long going to this job stay & in case she goes to educational institution who’ll accomplish home chores. Kinjal requests why is she discouraging mummy, they all must encourage her instead.

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Baa states she could break anything & who’s Kinjal to inquire, she doesn’t even really know to cook. Kinjal states she learn gradually.

Their own argument begins. Anu stops them & states the way they managed the hard situations they went using just recently, home chores are nothing.

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Toshu & Samar say they’ll support mummy. Bapuji states they must support every different. Mamaji jokes again. Baa states in case something is left, she’ll scold Anu.

Mamaji states its her birth right. Anu states Kinjal is quite lucky for them, as shortly as she had come she got a job. Kinjal emotionally hugs her. Baa states tonight Rakhi is coming to debate regarding wedding & in case she rises her nagin head, she’ll crush it.

Samar goes to meet Nandini & nick names her Nandu, requests isn’t it cute. Nandini states its quite cute. Nandini states sometimes small happiness matters a lot.

He states just like nicking a friend. He reports her that mummy got a educational institution teacher’s job. She states Anu aunty is actually amazing, its not easy to gain up after falling, specially after being betrayed in love.

He states that reason is coming house tonight to debate regarding Toshu & Kinjal’s wedding. She requests in case Vanraj uncle is coming house. He states he doesn’t really know mummy going to manage both work & home.

She suggests him to take up responsibilities, accomplish his own room’s cleansing & clothes’ ironing himself, and so on. He smilingly nods yes.

Kinjal cleans vegetables. Anu requests her to go & research. Kinjal states she already did & going to support her as of now. Kinjal teaches her & when she doesn’t accomplish it correctly pampers her & requests her to let it be.

Pakhi noticing that feels jealous & imagines mummy’s overall attention is on bhabhi as of now, however papa loves her a lot. She moves to Anu & reports her that when papa going to come house tonight, she’ll go with him.

Anu states she could go, however must repatriate by in the evening as Kavya’s home has only 1 room. Pakhi states she’ll gain adjusted there.

going to inquire papa to take leave tomorrow & they’ll enjoy a lot, she’ll go & pack her bags. Anu hopes Kavya doesn’t feel uncomfortable with Pakhi’s entry in her small flat.

In Vanraj’s workplace, boss Dholakia briefs employees regarding new CEO Vishal Sharma who’ll be joining them & requests Kavya to participate Vishal’s questions & make him feel comfortable within the workplace.

Kavya states sure sir. Vanraj drops water in jealousy. Vishal arrives, & everybody greet him. Vishal states they don’t really know him well, however he knows them all well, so in place of wasting time let’s begin. Vanraj presents himself & states he’s staff of the company from 30 yrs.

& got numerous contracts projects with his own tough work, however from 3 mos business is dull & he’s being threatened to lose job, hence he feels that is unreasonable. Vishal states he’s right, however he’s informing this as he’s old & tired.

A young staff instead would’ve attempted his own finest to enhance himself; informs Mr Dholakia that there is no worth for past performance & they must keep proving themselves; let’s watch in case Vanraj could continue his own magic even after 30 yrs., he’s 1 mo to prove himself & in case he could’t he must notify him as of now itself as time is amount.

Anu over phone chats with Devika that she needs to manage the differences between needs & expenses, she needs to do Toshu & Kinjal’s wedding in her budget. Kinjal hears her discussion & imagines she needs to talk to Toshu regarding their own wedding.

Anu sees Baa noting down something from in the morning & requests what’s she doing. Baa states nothing & requests her to gain some of the ginger tea. Bapuji stops Anu & states in case her MIL is silent, it means flood is on the way, & in case she’s smiling, it means storm is on the way.

Within the in the evening, Vanraj repatriates to Kavya’s house. Kavya requests him to notify his own entire family that he can’t spend on Toshu’s wedding as he’s only 1 mo of job circular left, what in case he loses his own job.

Vanraj angrily requests so what, he performed in this sector from 30 yrs. & has gained a plenty of popularity, so he’ll gain in the other firm easily.

She moves far away frustrated. He imagines all this ladies associated to his own personal life are problematic to him, here Kavya & there Anupama & Rakhi.

In Shah home, entire family enthusiastically awaits for Rakhi. Kinjal messages her to come shortly. Rakhi with Pramod arrives & apologizes for coming late as she’d to participate her business customers from London. Baa taunts as in case queen of London toured with a business proposal.

Anu greets her & Pramod. She comments great to watch someone awaiting for her, pointing in Vanraj. Bapuji requests Anu to sit with them as her presence is also important. Anu agrees. Vanraj fumes reminiscing Anu functioning like a housemaid previously & standing aside.

Rakhi states to be frank she wouldn’t have accepted for this wedding in case Toshu & Kinjal hadn’t eloped. Baa comments. Rakhi states she desires to do wedding lavishly & needs to develop a shopping list. Baa imparts her long list of shopping & states she already equipped it.

Rakhi states its in Gujrati. Baa states is a black mark on Gujratis & must gain it read by some of the literate human. Rakhi shouts alone she desires to take care of wedding expenses as she knows they can’t afford it.

Baa requests in case she imagines they’re quite poverty-stricken. Anu comments that they’re entire family & must work together. Rakhi imagines they’ll not let them offend her, so she needs to think something else.

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First episode date: 13 July 2024
Story by: Namita Vartak
Directed by: Romesh Kalra
Network: StarPlus
Number of episodes: 63

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Anupamaa Cast

  • Rupali Ganguly as the main lead Anupamaa
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj

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