Anupamaa 14th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Anupama 14 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (14-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Anupama 14th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Baa Requests Anu In case She Desires To Work. Anu States Yes, She Wasn’t Permit To Work Last Time, However This Time She Has To Work For The Entire family; As Baa Informed.

They Must Rise Earning Instead Of Cutting Down On Expenses, She Just Desires To Follow That & Going to Try. Devika Voice Messages Her Didi Reason Behind Anu Coming To Educational institution Late & Appeals To Give Anu The other Opportunity.

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States She Going to Assure Her That Anu Going to Not Repeat Her Error; Hopes Did Agrees & Anu Gets A Job Shortly. Rakhi Awhile Repatriating House Looking In Toshu’s Engagement Reminisces The Event & Imagines She Knows They Going to Not Agree Even After Being Offended By Her.

Anupama Going to Plead & Vanraj Going to Shout, She Is Awaiting To Enjoy The Drama. On The Different Side, Nandini Requests Samar To Debate His own Issues Like A Right Friend; Already Anu Has Lots Of Issues To Deal With, So He Shouldn’t Bother Anu. Samar States He Has 2 Issues, 1 Is Job. She States She Spoke To Someone & Hopefully He Going to Gain A Job Shortly.

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He Is Amazed & States He Didn’t Tell Her Regarding It In All. She States Globe Awaits To Hear Issues, However Not Friends & Requests What Is His own The other Issue. Samar States Rakhi Aunty Broke Toshu & Kinjal’s Alliance & He Is Unable To Handle It & Vents Out His own Frustration Whole Day On Mummy As He Is Unable To Meet (or) Speak To Kinja.

& Rakhi Is Sending Kinjal To America In A Week. Nandini Suggests Him To Not Let Toshu Alone As A Human Feels Extra Lonely When He Is Sad. Samar States Mr. Shah Has been Only Toshu’s Friend & He Is Feeling Extra Lonely.

Nandini States Toshu’s Response Is Regular In This Status, So He Must Keep Toshu Busy With An Argument (or) Dance (or) Anything Engaging However Not Let Him Alone As He May Harm Himself In Depression.

Kavya Orders Dinner From Restaurant. Vanraj Appeals In case She Could Develop Chawal For Him. She States She Also Works Along Him & Going to Cook Something In Breakfast.

However Not As of now, Afterwards Imagines He Should Be Thinking Anupama Would Have Cooked Something, States She Going to Develop Khichdi For Him. He Hugs & Gratitude Her. Anirudh Opens Door & Moves In Smirking In Them. They Both Stand Frustrated.

Anu Offers Tea To Toshu & Requests Him Not To Worry As She Spoke To His own Papa & They Going to Locate A Way Out. Toshu Shouts That She & Papa Closed All His own Ways Out.

Rakhi Canceled Alliance, Papa Is Wandering With His own Girlfriend, Leaving Him & Kinjal Suffer. Samar Requests Him To Block Venting Out His own Frustration On Mummy As Mr. Shah Is The Issue. Toshu Shouts He Doesn’t Want His own Gyaan, Only He Knows What He Is Going Using.

Samar States He Must Know That Mummy Is Going Using & Must Block Rising Her Issues In case Not Decrease, So He Must Block Blaming Mummy For His own Issue. Anu Requests Them Both To Block & States She Is Trying To Solve This Problem. Toshu Moves Far away They Shouldn’t React When He & Kinjal Take Up Some of the Big Step.

Samar Suggests Anu To Speak To Rakhi Alone As Mr. Shah Going to Spoil The Problem Extra. Anu States Some of the Problems Have To Be Sorted Out Together & As Parents She & Vanraj Going to Solve This Problem Together.

Anirudh Taunts Kavya & Vanraj That He Doesn’t Mind As He Is Habituated To Watch His own Spouse With His own Girlfriend. Kavya Shouts Just how Dare He Is To Enter Her Home Without Her Permission. He States 1 Could Gain Duplicate Keys For 100 INR.

Kavya Shouts Just Gain Lost Right As of now. He Requests Why She Is Shouting So Much, In case She Lost Her Morales Along With Shame, She Must Respect Her Guest. Vanraj Shouts What Guest, Gain Out Before He Kicks Him Out. Anirudh Requests Who Is He To Kick Him Out Of His own Own Home.

Vanraj Shouts Shut Up, This Is Kavya’s Home. Anirudh States His own Gen. Knowledge Is Also Bad Like His own Role, This Is His own Home & Even Kavya. Vanraj Shouts Shut Up.

Anirudh States Kavya Threw His own Golden Colour Shirt Informing Its Too Loud, Her Boyfriend Is Much Louder; He Stays In His own Home Whenever He Comes To Ahmedabad, In case Anybody Has Issue.

They Could Leave; He Doesn’t Have Issue To Stay With Them As Happy Entire family, However In case Anybody Has Issue With It, He Could Go. He Lies On Bed & Seeing Wet Towel Requests Kavya In case She Didn’t Train Her Boyfriend Not To Throw We Towel About, He Never Threw Wet Towel Like This.

Vanraj Requests Kavya To Send Her Spouse Far away. Kavya Appeals Anirudh. Vanraj Requests Why Is She Begging In Front Of This Person. Anirudh States Till He Is In Ahmedabad, He Going to Stay Here & Doesn’t Mind Vanraj Residing With Them As He Has Barged Into Their own Lives From 8 Yrs..

Vanraj Shouts Again. Anirudh Threatens To Block Shouting As Citizens Going to Locate Out That Spouse’s Boyfriend Is Residing In His own Home. Vanraj Afterwards Shouts In Kavya For All The Issues, Requests Why Did She Give Keys To Her Spouse, & Shouts He Left His own Home For Her & As of now Leave Her Home For Her Spouse.

He Is Like A Laundryman’s Dog/Dhobi Ka Kutta Na Ghar Ka Na Ghat Ka As of now, He Is Leaving This Home. She Pleads Not To Repatriate To Anupama & To Shift To A Restaurant Room. He States She Must Bother Regarding Her Spouse As of now & Moves Out. Kavya Hopes He Doesn’t Go Back To Anu.

Vanraj Stops His own Car Outdoor His own House Reminiscing Anu’s Words, Anirudh’s Taunts, & Himself Shouting He Is Dhobi Ka Kutta As of now. Shah Entire family Is Busy Having Dinner When He Arrives In & Greets Them Jai Sri Krishna. Pakhi Happily Hugs Him. Baa Gets Happy Seeing Him.

He States He Had come Here For Toshu As He Doesn’t Delay When Its A Query Of Kids; Gets Tempted Seeing Meal. Baa States He Had come In The Right Time As Bahu Equipped Baigan Bharta.

He States Its Fine. Baa Demands Followed By Pakhi. Anu Offers Plate & Pushes Bharta Near Him, & Pakhi Brings Chair. He Begins Eating Meal & States He Heard Mrs. Dave Had come Here, He Imagined He & Anupama Must Go & Speak To Her & He Is Prepared To Go To That Lady’s Home For Toshu’s Happiness.

Anu Requests In case He Had come Here To Notify This & Goes To Gain Rotis. Samar Follows Him. Bapuji Imagines In case 1 Leaves Home’s Lakshmi, Even Saraswati, Annapura, & Lakshmi Gain Angry On Him; Vanraj Is Not Even Getting Proper Meal; He Has been Angry On Vanraj, However As of now Pities On Him.

Samar Moves To Anu & Requests Why Is She Getting ready Meal For Vanraj. She States They All the time Respect Their own Guests & Offers Rotis To Vanraj. Vanraj Gets Kavya’s Call, He Refuses It & Picks Roti. Kavya Gets Angry Seeing Him Disconnecting Call.

Anirudh States Vanraj Is Not A Kid To Be Worried, He Must Have Named Her & Identified Out In case She Is Same With Me. Kavya Pushes Him Far away & Shouts That She Has been Getting Happiness After A Long Time & Got Vanraj, However He Interfered Between Them.

Anirudh States In case There Has been Someone Else Than Vanraj, He Would Have Trashed His own Girlfriend’s Spouse & Taken Her Along, However He Walked Far away Demonstrating Attitude. He Problems Her That Vanraj Is Egoistic & Going to Not Stay In Any Restaurant.

So He Going to Go Back To His own Parent’s Home & Should With Anupama As of now. Kavya Stands Worried. Vanraj Imagines He Did A Error Leaving His own Home, As of now He Doesn’t Even Really know Where He Going to Sleep Tonight.

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Ongoing Updates: 14th December 2024 / (14-12-2020)

First episode date: 13 July 2024
Story by: Namita Vartak
Directed by: Romesh Kalra
Network: StarPlus
Number of episodes: 63

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Anupamaa Cast

  • Rupali Ganguly as the main lead Anupamaa
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj

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