Andhra Pradesh to issue 1 crore livestock health cards

Amaravati, September 26 : AP govt going to problem 1 cr health cards for livestock keepers to avail a host of solutions for their own animals in the Rythu Bharosa Kendras (RBKs).

“By utilizing these health cards, breeders could avail several medical solutions for their own animals in RBKs, ranging from urgency medical care to vaccinations,” stated an officer.

As per the officer, AP govt happens to be the 1st within the nation to give health cards to that numerous animals as it aims to elevate animal husbandry dept. to the higher level.

“Till now, govt has released health cards for 85 lakh livestock & by Oct, different 15 lakh livestock going to also be able to enjoy the health card solutions,” stated the officer.

These cards going to enable proprietors to avail solutions for their own animals without paying amount.

Apart from medical solutions, the animal husbandry dept. is also educating farmers regarding the finest practises being followed around the globe.

“The dept. has also taken up the responsibility of training breeders via a special course named the ‘Pasu Vignana Badi’, that consists of practical training within the form of demonstrations, aside from imparting theoretical knowledge,a he stated.

aPasu Vignana Badi going to act as an encyclopedia for animal husbandry related elements, involving the accomplish’s & don’ts & finest practises that going to be taught to farmers using the Pasu Vignana Badi.

“Its main objective is to impart training & render expansion solutions to farmers in the village level using low cost, lean structure model to evaluate present practises endorsed by farmers & suggest suitable enhanced practises,” the officer added further.