After Ban on TikTok, Trolls Now Target Paytm

New Delhi: After the Indian Government released direction to stop 59 Chinese apps, involving TikTok, trolls on Tue. initiated insisting the banning of Paytm in India(In).

The Noida, WP headquartered firm was the focus of trolls ever from the tensions in Galwan valley resulted in the unfortunate demise of Indian warriors & the ensuing tensions with China.

Why Government. didn’t ban Paytm: Trolls

Trolls initiated questioning why the govt didn’t ban Paytm that has Ant Fiscal, a subsidiary of Alibaba, as an investor within the company.

Although, netizens shortly had come to the rescue of the Indian fiscal solutions main.

“Paytm is Indian firm that has quietly being feeding millions of daily labours amid lock-down & offering employment to Indians. Nobody is highlighting that! Paytm Is Indian,” (sic) tweeted Ramesh Bala.

Some of the even taken on Congress leader & TN MP Manickam Tagore who named upon the PM Narendra Modi to ban e-commerce mobile application Paytm, stating it’s ‘massive Chinese investments’.

Although he has been quickly countered by Twitterati who pointed out the evident that owning shares of the firm & the nation of origin of a company are 2 various things.

“Paytm is not a Chinese Firm, Firm origin & Firm shares are various!” tweeted 1 consumer.

Venture capitalist Anand Lunia in a show of tweets clarified all misconceptions regarding Paytm & remaining being trolled over funds from Chinese investors.

“Paytm, Zomato, and so on are all Indian cos. They’ve to follow Indian laws by being present here as a legal entity,” (sic) he tweeted.

#PaytmIsIndian trends

He furthermore questioned the selective outrage over Paytm. #PaytmIsIndian has been one such top trends on Twitter & Google on Tue..

“ICICI Bank has over 40 per cent FII holding. Nobody knows that nation has eventual beneficiary holding. Yet, its as Indian a bank as you could gain. RBI could shut it down, & send the CEO to custody,” (sic) he wrote within the thread.

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