Top Tips for Achieving the Ideal Work-Life Balance

In 2024, one of the main goals for people of working age is to develop a long and fulfilling career. Ideally, an employee will want to find suitable work that allows them to use skill, critical thinking and a degree of creativity to undertake meaningful tasks that are satisfying to complete. In addition, a worthwhile career should be one that allows a suitable level of income to be gained so that the worker can achieve a desired standard of living. However, in 2024, it is harder than ever to find employment that is both satisfying and well-paid. Unemployment levels are rising around the world as soaring inflation levels have resulted in businesses taking on fewer staff or even restructuring their operations and shedding employees. This situation is compounded by the fact that many meaningful positions can often result in staff losing control over their work-life balances and having little in the way of free time for themselves. Recent statistics indicate that approximately 66% of American workers feel that they do not have a suitable work-life balance that allows them to enjoy meaningful pursuits and relaxation in their free time. This situation can lead to workers suffering from poor mental health and being susceptible to burnout if no action is taken to remedy the causes. In this article, some of the top tips to allow people of working age to achieve their own ideal work-life balance will be described in detail.

Consider freelance models of work


For many workers, the routine of a Monday to Friday 9-5 working week is one that hampers the ability to gain a better work-life balance. The rigid schedule means that any personal or family matters must be undertaken at set times in the morning or evening or at weekends. As any parent knows, children often have busy social schedules and after-school activities commonly need to be managed in a small amount of free time outside of work. In 2024, freelance models of work are proving to be incredibly popular with people who seek to gain better control of their work-life balances and determine when and how they want to work. According to, 46.5% of the global population now work on a self-employed or freelance basis. Freelance workers typically set their preferred schedules for work and can plan in any personal or family commitments in times outside of these hours. A prime example of meaningful freelance work that allows you to achieve a suitable work-life balance is working as a van or truck driver carrying out shipping work. Shipping companies will list shipping work on jobs boards, which you can learn more about. Freelance drivers then offer bids for each contract and if they are successful, they are tasked with fulfilling the delivery of the shipment. This method of bidding for work gives drivers the flexibility to pick their own schedules and routes so that they can undertake personal activities at a time that suits them. Many forms of freelance work allow personal working schedules to be set and these give workers the ability to create their own working week that is perfectly balanced with their personal commitments.

Plan time for hobbies and pleasure

It is of paramount importance that any healthy work-life balance is created to allow pleasurable activities to take place. Put simply, a life without pleasure and the ability to enjoy meaningful pursuits is one that will not provide happiness or satisfaction. According to, undertaking pleasurable hobbies and pastimes can be a key way to improve a person’s mental health and wellbeing. For example, activities such as playing a musical instrument may help to improve memory whilst also giving a tangible sense of satisfaction when a song is learned or composed. It is worthwhile to take the time to think about what types of activities you would like to undertake in your free time. Create a shortlist of hobbies and pastimes that you would find pleasurable. For example, you may like to try to learn the art of watercolor painting. You can learn the basics of this skill by searching online for more information. Once you have made a list of activities, it is important to create a schedule that gives you the time and space to undertake them.

Learn to say “no”

In the working world, many people find it hard to say “no” when they are asked to undertake additional duties that may be outside their scope of practice. However, it is important to understand that accepting every additional task or request will soon lead to your working schedule becoming completely overburdened. This can lead to increased levels of stress and fatigue that can eventually lead to burnout. In serious cases, suffering from burnout can severely impact your mental wellbeing and may mean that you need to take time off work to rest and recover. You can read more about tips and hints to avoid suffering from burnout by searching online. It is vital that every worker learns the art of being assertive but polite when saying no to additional work that would result in an inability to complete other core tasks and responsibilities. You can read more about the importance of developing this skill by searching online.

Clear boundaries between home and working life

As a final top tip, it is incredibly important to create clear boundaries between your working and private life. Many employees will have memories of responding to emails late in the evening from home or taking work home with them to complete outside working hours. When these practices start to become commonplace, they can have an extremely negative impact on your work-life balance. Remember that your free time is yours to spend as you please and should not include work-based activities. If you have a work laptop or mobile phone at home, ensure that it is switched off after office hours have finished. Resist the temptation to check your emails after your working day has finished and use the time more wisely to relax or indulge in pleasurable activities. Consider the phrase “work hard and play hard.” When you have the ideal work-life balance, you will find that you are more effective and productive in the working hours and enjoy your free time more.