Abducted, bludgeoned to death for insulting another’s mother

New Delhi: A person in Delhi(DL) abducted & brutally died the other, who invited the wrath by derogatory the previous’s mom.

The killer with his own friend murdered the person, detected as Sajid.

As per the police, the sufferer went missing from his own home in South Delhi(DL)’s Fatehpur Beri on Jun 16. A missing record has been registered by his own dad on Jun 19. The dad already suspected the hand of 2 people — Viplav & Rahul — in his own son’s disappearance.

“During this course of inquiry the suspect Rahul with whom Sajid has been last witnessed, has been interrogated & involvement of the other person — Chaman has been well-established.

“Thereafter, both Rahul & Chaman have been interrogated & they admitted that they died Sajid within the jungle in Mandi Valley & left his own body there. They murdered him by bludgeoning his own head with stones after getting him poisoned,” stated DCP South Atul Thakur.

As per police, they said that Viplav’s mom had a dispute with Sajid’s mom before lock-down & that is why they died him.

“Both the charged have been detained & with their own support the remains of Sajid’s body has been recovered from that jungle about a kilometer deep into the forested region nearby Faridabad border,” stated the official. Sajid too had some of the offender instances lodged over him. His own bike was recovered from PS Sitarganj.

This has also commanded the police to the other killing by Viplav, who was detained within the different killing complaints in Sitarganj town of Udham Singh Nagar dist. in Uttarakhand(UK). In that complaint, Viplav had reportedly abducted 1 human (his own relative Sushant) from Sangam Vihar & murdered him there.

The reason for that killing has been apparently Sushant’s utilize of foul language regarding Viplav’s friend. Viplav was identified to be engaged in a kidnapping & killing complaint as a juvenile also.