5 staff members of state BJP office test Covid 19 positive

Hyderabad(Hyd): It’s a well-known truth that the state unit of BJP spearheading an anti-government campaign on the deadly COVID-19 Infection in Telangana (TL). The state president is the BJP & MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar doesn’t leave a slightest chance to focus the state govt on the problem. Although, the deadly infection has as of now spread to the BJP state HQ (headquarters).

In a new grow 5 employees of the state were tested positive(+ve) to the infection. Out of the 40 employees, those have gone under tests, five tested to the infection. This has stunned the overall state command. It’s sent all this positive employees under isolation immediately after the results.

The state command has also ruled to execute the COVID-19 19 rules in a extra stringent way within the workplace building. The party chiefs have stated that they’ve taken up the sanitisation of the overall workplace building & different steps in the context of the implementation of the COVID-19 19 Protocol in their own party HQ (headquarters).

The party has also shut down its HQ (headquarters) for 1 week Previously. The COVID-19 19 preventative steps are being taken from afterwards. The party has as of now decked to permit only limited number (or) visitors into it’s HQ (headquarters) until the next few days. It may be observed here that the state secretary of the Party Prakash Reddy was tested positive(+ve) to the infection previously.