3 Wakf activists booked for trespassing

Hyderabad(Hyd): Balapur police have lodged a complaint over wakf activists for reportedly trespassing into wakf land & provoking the people. Mohammed Saleem, Chairman Telangana (TL) state waKf board had registered the case upon that the FIR was released.

On Jun 22, Chairman Wakf board had toured Survey. No 90 in Pahadishareef that belongs to wakf board & abutting Dargah Baba Sharfuddin, was allocated as Muslim burial field in see of COVID-19 epidemic. The board previously moved a solution allotting 10 Acres for burial field.

Thereafter the Chairman had come to really know using social media(SM) (WhatsApp) that on Jun 24, 3 people called Hakeem Khairuddin Sofi, Hamed Hussain Shuttari & Mohammed Saleem Ahmed who’s wakf activists with 3 different people trespassed into the land & discussed a press conference & molested the Mohammed Saleem by utilizing filthy language.

On getting case Balapur police have lodged a complaint under IPC sections 447 (Trespass) & 504 (intentionally offends, & thus imparts provocation to any human) & taken up inquiry.