Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2nd September 2024 Episode Written Update: Roshni and Aman enters the timetable

The daily episode starts with Aman states to the family (4), Roshni is trying to give us hint regarding her placement. Rubina recognises the place & states this place & ice has no connection afterwards what she’s trying to say? Aman decodes that not the cave however Roshni should be transferred into ice & this is the reason she’s unable to come here.

Rubina states in case yes afterwards kaala jinn should be aware of her spot.

Aman states we don’t have time & they utilized the the other magic door that is not so great however Aman taken the opportunity awhile kaala jinn is trying to take-away the kid. Aman targets on the jinn with his own magical sword in the end moment & rescues his own child. He finally realizes that he could watch his own kid & touch him & feel him finally.

Aman gets emotional seeing his own kid however he totally forgets regarding Roshni needs rescue too. Aman looks here & there & observed a lady is standing being a statue of ice & Aman recognizes it to be his own spouse Roshni. He comes ahead of it & appeals Roshni to return as she could not go far from him like this.

He states I’m angry with you however my anger, my temperment & my disappointment is all due to the truth that I love you a lot & you really know this. In case you’re angry with me afterwards that is your right however that doesn’t mean that you’ll punish me in this way.

I’m trying my level finest to & going to keep trying to keep you & our baby safe.

He requests her to return for the sake of their own baby as he surely needs her so much this time. Roshni doesn’t listen to her pleads & Aman is going back from there. Suddenly he notices that the ice are craking & Roshni comes into senses ahead of him & he gets teary eyed to watch her like this.

Roshni comes forward & touches the face of Aman & takes the baby in her arms. All 3 of them had a reunion & cried. Aman comes back house with Roshni & the family (4) members gets happy awhile some of the unfamiliar lady with the same umbrella of Shayari goes to meet Kaala jinn & he requests are you prepared to seal the deal?

In Khan Manzil, Rubina states I’m unable to know in case the deal about Aman is over afterwards why he’s behind the kid of Aman & Roshni? Shayari states I’ve an important info about this however Rehaan suspended her. Aman requests Shayari to say what she knows awhile she states we could not decode Jinn &.

his own way to deal things however in case we could travel atleast 1 day in front of him afterwards we could gain an idea regarding his own next step. She states using time table we could go in future. Rubina states to Aman this is possible however it’s a plenty of risk. Aman & Roshni states we’re prepared to face any issue for the sake of our kid.

Shayari brings them nearby tunnel that going to support them to travel atleast 1 day previously of the current time. Shayari states you’ll have only 15 minutes to cross the tunnel & approach the different side within the next day however don’t delay (or) else you’ll be trapped inside forever. Roshni states in case me & Aman are together afterwards we could face anything & they entered the tunnel & Shayari switches on the stopwatch awhile Kaala Jinn approaches outdoor of their own home.

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