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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 4 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (4-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Kartik informing everybody going to gain punished.

Krishna requests why, its just my error. Naira states shut up. Kartik states I imagined you’ll learn from every different & have bonding.

However in case this is the result, afterwards don’t be together, you won’t talk to every different & also Krishna. Naira states we won’t talk to 4 of you.

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Kartik states you won’t distribute anything as of now. Naira states I shouldn’t watch anybody of you near Akshu.

Kartik requests Manish & Suwarna to help them, don’t talk to any children. Naira requests Gayu to say in case she desires. Gayu states it must be same with everybody. Kirti nods. Kartik states okay, you’ll gain everything you need, however no 1 going to talk to you.

Naira states I imagined you’ll learn from Ram leela, however you didn’t. Kartik states Kairav didn’t learn anything, however got the award. Naira requests them to gain the awards back. The children gain the awards. Kartik requests them to leave.

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Kartik & Naira cry & think of the children. He requests did you watch the injury on Kairav’s hand, I has been too wound. Naira states yes, I desired to caress him, however we punished him. He states when I shouted on him, I cursed myself.

She states Suwarna stated Kairav & Krishna didn’t eat meal. He states our entire family couldn’t accept Krishna. Krishna prays that Kartik & Naira’s anger ends shortly. Vansh states Krishna is so bad, she let baby go in truck.

Kairav states I m extra bad, it has been my schedule, I’d wound my sister & parents, I m globe’s worst brother. Naira states I feel our entire family tree is breaking. Kartik states no, we won’t let it break, we’ll work tough, we’re parents.

She states its hard to be parents. He requests has been Manish right, did we hurry in adopting Krishna. Naira states we’d to sign the papers & block her, we’d have lost her. He states yes, we’ll end the differences between the children.

Make their own bond powerful, its a assure. Kairav sleeps. He recalls Akshu & wakes up. He shouts & runs to watch baby. He falls down. Kartik & Naira watch him & block. Kairav requests is Akshu okay, where is she. He states I’d a dream, let me watch her once.

She states no, you could’t meet her, she’s okay, go & have meal. Kairav goes. Yeh rishta plays Kartik states I think we must forgive them. Naira states not as of now, we’ve to clarify them, we’ve to be stringent, they’re our weakness.

We could’t let them gain harmed, we’ll accomplish what we scheduled, be powerful, like me. He states I just hope that our schedule works. Dadi states Krishna is the root of all issues, I could’t tolerate her, inquire Kartik & Naira to send her.

Manish states our children are in error this time. Akhilesh states he’s right. Dadi states don’t take her side, Kartik & Naira endorsed her, so the fights are happening. The children watch Raavan idol & run to watch. Kartik & Naira block them from touching it.

They inquire could we just decorate it, paint it, make the crowns. Kartik states no. Naira states you could accomplish it next yr., you all won’t celebrate Dussehra this time. Krish states we stated sorry. Kartik states we must really know that you mean to say sorry.

Naira states we burn Raavan idol each yr., you really know why. Kartik states it means to burn the evil in us, lie, greed, jealousy, hatred, in case we don’t murder the evil, the evil kills the goodness in us. Naira states we’ve to think to end the evil.

Kartik states tell us what you’ll accomplish to make us believe you. Krish states we’re missing the Raavan burning. Vansh states I miss sweets. Kairav states our parents are so great, they’re angry, however gave us everything.

They gain sad. Kairav states I feel like crying, Kartik & Naira inquired us to stay as friends, I didn’t listen to them. Everybody comes for Raavan dahan. Suwarna handles baby. Kartik requests Naira to leave the work, her target is on baby.

She states yours too, we’ll end work together. Children sit within the window & look on. Naksh states Krish isn’t here. Kirti states you think Kartik & Naira did unfair. Naksh states no, they did right. Kartik states we won’t call them, our happiness is burning.

Naira states I hope they know us, they’re children, they must haven’t hatred for every different, everybody is equal in entire family. He states right. Krish states I feel quite bad. Kairav states yes, I feel bad that I’d wound my parents.

Vansh states I also feel bad, my dad going to be angry, bro code is we’ll be together. Kairav states sorry. Vansh requests could’t we undo this. Kairav states we could minimize it. They inquire just how. Akhilesh requests Kartik shall we begin.

He imagines they’re awaiting for the children. Kairav & children come there. Vansh states we didn’t come to burn raavan. Krish states we had come to give this. They give the notes. Suwarna requests what’s written. Kairav states its list of our errors.

Vansh states burn this with Raavan. Krish states we assured every different that we’ll not accomplish this again. Kairav states sorry, I’d wound my sister a lot, I’ll tell her sorry when she grows up. Dadi cries. The children give the chits & go.

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First episode date: 12 January 2009
Production location: Mumbai, India
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Directed by: Romesh Kalra, Rishi Mandial, Ram Pandey
Networks: Star Plus, Viacom 18

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) Cast:

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