Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September 2024 Written Update: Kartik In Danger

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September 2024 Full Episode Written Update.

The daily episode begins with Naira reaching close to the temple. The woman follows her.


Pandit requests the women to recite the mantras & pray. Naira arrives at the temple. Kartik hears a goon speaking.

He hides & comes to Krishna. She cries. He states calm down, I’ve come, we’ve to leave fast. She states Naira going to come here. He states no, we’ll leave before it.

He ties Mata cloth to her forehead. Naira also ties the same kind of cloth to her forehead. He states as of now Lord is with us, you’ve to accomplish 1 thing, hold my hand tight, don’t leave my hand, we’ve to run fast, are you prepared.

She nods. Naira turns back & sees the lady angrily. The lady leaves there.

Naira prays for Kartik & Krishna. Kartik hides from that goon. The goon points the gun towards him. Kartik & Krishna sneak out a different side. The lady requests are residing here at night, we’re going to stay for prayers.

A different lady requests where is your spouse. Naira states he isn’t here, he’ll be here within the in the morning.

She imagines gratitude for being here with me. The ladies cry. Kartik hears sound & goes to watch. He imagines there have been different ladies. He recalls his own daughter.

Krishna requests him to come. He states don’t gain scared, your name is Krishna, just go, Naira going to be coming here, I could’t leave these ladies & go, Naira would’ve risked her personal life to safeguard them, I’ve to take (2) revenge, you saved our daughter’s sonography record, we lost her because of such citizens, I really know that pain, I don’t let different citizens suffer, go as of now.

She states I m going, I’ll gain Naira (or) anybody else, assure, don’t worry, nothing going to happen to me. He states just run, tell Naira that I love her & baby a lot, tell her that I’ll keep my assure, I’ll welcome my daughter in this globe. She gets sad & goes. Kartik sees the goons. Naira recalls Kartik & her moment.

She sleeps. Its in the morning, Naira states I’ll go as of now, gratitude for taking care of me. The lady states I wish Mata Rani unites you with your spouse shortly. Naira leaves. Krishna runs on the road.

Naira states I could go to the masala factory by walk, I want someone to show me the way. Krishna runs after the inspector. He leaves on his own two-wheeler. She runs. Naira slips by this muddy patch.

She balances herself. Krishna sees her & shouts Didi. Naira turns to her & shouts Krishna. They both run & have a hug. She requests are you fine, sorry to send you with those citizens.

Krishna states no, you didn’t really know it, those citizens are quite bad, they got (1) me here forcibly to sell me. Naira gets stunned & requests where is Kartik, he’d thrown the boxes.

Krishna states I’d sent that masala boxes, those citizens are quite bad, Kartik’s personal life is now in danger, accomplish something. Naira requests her to just come. Naira feels some of the pain & falls aside.

Krishna requests what happened. Naira screams in pain. Kartik is in gunpoint. He states I didn’t make Krishna escape, maybe she ran out, where going to she go, I m not moving from here, you could lock me in some of the room.

The person states put him in that room where different ladies are kept. Kartik requests what. The person states your work (5) isn’t to talk. The people push him inside the room. Kartik sees the ladies.

Suwarna comes to Dadi & states Kartik & Naira are in danger, I named Manish, he has been informing 1 thing, Kittu is now in danger, doctor stated he’s restless as in case he saw a bad dream. Dadi prays.

She shouts Krishna, is my baby fine. The lady states you & your baby are fine. Kartik states don’t worry, Krishna has escaped taking support for us. The ladies states they’re dangerous, we couldn’t go.

He states in case they’ve guns, afterwards, we could fight with them, we’re no less. Naira requests where is the PS (police station) here, could I make a call to the police.

The lady states PS (police station) is after 2 villages, there is no recharge, maybe you could make 1 call. She imparts the phone. Naira imagines shall I call family (4) (or) police. She calls the police.

Kartik states Krishna is brave, you all could be like her. The Inspector states we have been also detecting that gang, we’ll come shortly. The call ends. Naira requests is there any mode of transport. The lady states a jhanki going to leave in a truck in some time, they’ll be going there.

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