Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th March 2024 Episode: Kabir Hypnotizes Tabeezi

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th March 2024 Episode Written Update: Kabir Hypnotizes Tabeezi.

The daily episode starts with Aman suspecting Laila. He says the criminal isn’t harming us as she is standing in front of us. Laila gets into arguments with him.

Imran says she can not do so, you’re confused. Laila says we’re currently fighting and producing that individual powerful. Aman says you’re correct, we encouraged the attacker dwelling. Laila asks do you believe.

Roshni claims no we did not find the attacker, the attacker did not come when we’re together, inform the issue to us. Sara sees her rock. It is shown by her. Aman says threat. Roshni and aman appear around.

Laila says that I told you strike will take place. It becomes smoky. Everybody becomes stunned viewing Sara. Roshni and aman utilize their abilities to save Sara. Dadi prays. Roshni and aman save. The smoke disappears.

Aman Requires Sara. Laila is seen by him and says that I told you, you’re currently performing the strikes. Laila states that I have come to save . He inquires out of yourself, from whom.

She says no, look behind. They visit the twin of Laila. Imran asks what is happening. Laila says I’m Laila’s twin, Chandni, she’s currently attacking. Chandni says I did not do so, this has been completed by Laila, so is being done by her.

Laila says she’s a queen of liars. They argue to find the throne. Dadi signals Tabeezi. Laila flies from the atmosphere… and strikes Chandni. The battle of Laila and chandni starts. Everybody gets behind.

Aman calls hints Roshni and Baazigar. They attempt to halt the fight and also fly in the atmosphere. Chandni and Laila shed their weapons. They keep their struggle. Tabeezi understands the moonstone.

She says the publication will be told by these bits about the individual who’s detrimental for Aman and Roshni as well as moon narrative. She chants.

The bits are taken by the publication. The twins are seen by her. She states it signifies we were cheated by Laila I must inform everyone before she hurts everyone. Chandni and laila inquire they to be freed by Aman.

Roshni gets a telephone. She states the fact, who’s poor between the sisters was explained by Tabeezi, Chandni failed so. Roshni asks are you certain thanks, Tabeezi. Roshni says, Chandni did this.

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