Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 11th March 2024 Episode: Aman Doubts Shehzadi

The daily episode begins with Shehzadi asking all to close eyes when they are close to danger. Your footstep is of the moon, says Roshni.

Shehzadi says its footprint of our loved ones. Roshni inquires does this moon shift dimension like the moon that is actual, you’re so talkative, come. Imran says I believe I must be with you.

Aman asks did you listen to him. Roshni says, he’s a gentleman, so he does not need to leave a woman alone. Shehzadi leaves everybody in rooms that are various. Dadi worries for household. That the clouds are seen by her.

Imran says my buddy Surbhi Jyoti is matched with by that your face, she’s also beautiful. She says Laila. He states Imran is med by me, but my friends call me Majnu. She asks him to acquire hushed. She sees the clouds and says it is going to start today when the stone glow go and shut eyes. Imran goes.

Phupi and saima get fearful. That the clouds are seen by them. Aman says I’m heading out. Roshni says Laila requested us never to come. He asks who’s Laila. Moon princess is said by her. She stops him and says Laila chose to rescue us, trust somebody if I can’t be trusted by you. Aman says that she awakened out of sleep, we should not place all responsibility.

She states your self is hurt to require assistance. He states I think women are powerful so you’re here, you aren’t powerful. They assert. Saima says that my rock dropped down, I watch and will go. She sees its own shining and receives the rock. She turns into rock. Phupi yells and gets stunned. Aman says we must really go outside, our family is at risk. Phupi yells Aman, come.

Everybody sees Saima frozen and comes running. Shehzadi/ Laila claims that the assault has started. Aman asks to produce her fine. Laila says you need to win this battle. Roshni inquires when we do not observe the enemy, how do we win. Phupi says I advised eyes to shut, she did not listen.

Aman asks her to remember if anybody has been seen by her. Phupi states no. Roshni says something would be remembered by you. Phupi had shut eyes and says I lay under the desk I saw smoke. Laila says this does not matter he is here.

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